Spicy Subscriptions Deluxe Spice Box – February 2014 Valentine’s Review

This is my experience with Spicy Subscriptions – an adult toy and accessory monthly subscription. I am extremely unhappy.This is their February 2014, Valentine’s Day, Deluxe Spice Box.

On the first of this month (February, 2014) I signed up for their Deluxe Spice Box for $34.95 a month. There were two options – a Spice Box, or the Deluxe (which included a few more items). So I went with the more bang for my buck option.

When signing up, I was prompted that if I was a US resident, I could order by February 8th to receive their Valentine’s Day box. Score! It was the first, I made the deadline.

Shortly after ordering, I received an email confirmation stating my first box would be shipped during the first 10 days of March. I was confused.. so I went back, and took a screenshot of their site (with the pop-up about the Feb. 8th deadline), to email the company. The email I got told me I could either get the February box and forfeit my March box, or I could wait and get the March box. However, I would be billed TWICE before ever receiving a box. So, I went ahead with February.

My February box arrived yesterday, and this is what I received:

Spicy Subscriptions Deluxe Box February 2014 Valentine's Day

With this card, detailing the items:

Spicy Subscriptions Detail Card

My very first reaction was, “Is this a joke? A PEN?”. A ballpoint company pen, with a two inch piece of feather boa glued to the top. I didn’t receive any of the “sample oils and lubricants” it states I should have received. So this means that this pen is worth $6? I mean, if I wanted a pen, I would have gone to Target and got one. I don’t understand how this fits into an Adult Subscription box.

The toy was alright, and the oil was small, but fine. However, this card game, “31 Sexual Favors”, is worded as though a grandmother is trying to coach us. With cards like, “Lick and tease his privates with your mouth and tongue”, and, “Have him spank you while making love”. It’s hard to keep a straight face! Can anyone take this seriously?

I pull their site up again, still confused about this box. I could have sworn I was supposed to receive more than 4 items (+ a pen).

Their site, now different than when I placed my order, gives two very different descriptions of what you will receive in your box. The first is this, which is only giving the description of a “Spice Box” (the lower “level” of the two choices):

Spicy Subscription Box Contents

In my box (the “deluxe”) I received the following:
1 Toy
2 Full Sized Products
1 Trial
And one pen.. I still can’t get over this one.

So, the box I received is lacking MORE than what I would get in a “Spice Box” for less money.

You click “View Boxes”, and it takes you to a where you choose which box you want. The description at the bottom (pictured) doesn’t change, regardless of which option you choose.

Spicy Subscriptions Box Contents

Again, I received:
1 Toy
2 Full Sized Products
1 Trial
And a pen..

Still, this is less than what is advertised. Based on either description, this box contained less than what I paid for.

At this point, I’m feeling very frustrated. I contact a few other people that received the same box this month, and they all received the same. We were all deceived.

I email the company, asking why I received less in my box than what I was told I would get, and I got this reply (click image to view larger)..

Spicy Subscriptions Customer Service Email

Apparently, it’s a gamble whether or not you actually get what you paid for with this company. Not only that, but they state the samples are an “added bonus” and do not contribute to it’s cost.. yet, the card they sent me, states those items (that weren’t included) are worth $6. However, I am still not understanding how a ballpoint writing pen is a “sample” in an Adult Box.

So I take to Facebook. My post on their Facebook page, asking if anyone had received their box and stating that I felt something was missing, was deleted (after people posting they agree). My posting capabilities revoked. Minutes later, Spicy Subscriptions posts this on their Facebook page..

Spicy Subscriptions Facebook Screenshot

Professional, eh?

Now, as upset as I am that I feel their box was misrepresented and their customer service lacking, the only thing I asked is for a partial refund. Refund me half of my money, since I only got half of my box.

As of yet, this request has gone unanswered, and a Paypal dispute opened.

My advice, to anyone who is looking to sign up for an Adult Subscription Box, is to go with a company other than “”Spicy Subscriptions”. They have false advertisements every which way. They say “Cancel Anytime!”, however, you are unable to actually log into your account to do so. You are greeted with an error message. Despite multiple people complaining about this, the problem has not been fixed. The only way to cancel is to email the company, to which they ignore. The only way to get a response to an email asking for cancellation, is to post on their Facebook page.

I subscribe to various other monthly subscriptions – mostly beauty – all of which have spot on customer service. If you have a problem, places like Ipsy, BirchBox, BoxyCharm and Beauty Box 5, are quick to resolve whatever issue, or answer any question, you may have. I expected more from Spicy Subscriptions, considering the price of their monthly box, $34.95!