Wish Me Luck Candles – Horrible Customer Service – Xbox One/PS4 Candle Review Horrible Customer Service

This is my less than thrilling Wish Me Luck candle experience. If you don’t know what Wish Me Luck candles are, they are a company (who claim to be the “Official Money Candle”), who sells 21oz soy candles that have hidden money inside. I hadn’t heard of them prior to their “Xbox One/Play Station 4” candle promotion, which is which is what this review will be about. 🙂

On April 25th, 2014, Wish Me Luck Candle Company posted this on their Facebook page:

So I hurried on over to their website and snagged a “Love Spell” candle from this promotion. I was in the middle of cooking dinner, but had to hurry, because they were going to “sell super fast!!”. 😉

I was prepared to wait a week or two for them to ship. I hadn’t expected it to take so long, but was excited to see they had sold out a little over two weeks later.


Yes!! Sold out and they’re going to ship on the 14th/15th!

The 16th rolls around (Friday, almost a week after selling out).. I still don’t have a shipping notification, so I post on their facebook page asking if things have been delayed a day. I don’t get a reply to my post, but they do post on this on their facebook:


I am slightly confused, since I figured the candles would have been poured before running this sale. But I am reassured that I should receive a shipping notice sometime before Monday. I’m beginning to get anxious.

Monday evening, no shipping notice. I am starting to wonder.. I was one of the first to place my order. They took over TWO WEEKS to sell out. If they are shipping in batches, why wasn’t mine shipped in the first batch? Something is starting to seem fishy. They update their Facebook again, which an update that is less than truthful.


Now, I have shipped quite a few things in my lifetime. I have printed labels at home, as well as just taking them to the post office and having them printed off there. I have NEVER had to wait for them to be scanned in, before I got a tracking number. At this point, I am sure the company is lying. I don’t understand why, though. Why not just tell everyone that things have been delayed a few days?

Tuesday night. Still no tracking. I leave a message on their facebook page asking for an update, and receive a message from a strange man’s personal facebook. It takes me a minute of looking at his profile, to realize he is the “CEO” of Wish Me Luck candles. How nice of him to introduce himself.. 😉


So my first encounter with the “CEO” is asking if I want a refund. A refund for a package that is out of his hands, since he shipped them the night before? But let’s be real, here.. he didn’t even FINISH his first message. “Like to be refunded that’s”… that’s, what? Impossible, because you don’t have my package? Hah! This is my last time ordering, for sure.


Wish Me Luck Candles Xbox One Play Station 4 Review

This was Tuesday. SATURDAY I receive my package. It was shipped USPS Priority Mail 2-day. Let me break that down for you.. “Shipped Monday”, received Saturday. 5 days. So, I receive the package, open it, the candle smells amazing. A good strong “Love Spell”.

Wait. When was the Click – n – Ship label printed? Oh. WEDNESDAY. The 21st of May. I look at Daniel and laugh.. for someone who was so insistent that they shipped Monday, it’s hilarious to have proof he was bluffing.


I light the candle, go do some yard work.. It’s really getting to me that he flat out lied. The OWNER of a company cared more about his money, than keeping his customers happy. So I came in a messaged him with the picture of the CNS label.


The response I received was mind blowing.



ANOTHER lie. This time, he thanks me for “being an adult about it”.



Apparently Shawn Higgins thinks anyone that has a problem with his customer service, is a “child”. That it doesn’t matter if he ticks off one customer, because he has plenty of others that will buy his product. The words of an upset customer mean nothing to him.


Now, I can say that the candle was nice. I won $5 out of it, and we could smell it long after putting it out. Exactly what you would want out of a candle. However, our experience with the company and the owner, have in fact, “killed’ the company for us. I would never give my money to a company who thinks of an upset customer as “a child”, and has no sense of customer service.

To add to this.. It is now the 27th. I am in a group with 200+ candle/wax fans, many of which ordered from Wish Me Luck Candles during their Xbox/PS4 promotion. There are still quite a few who have YET to receive their shipping notices OR their candles. And although I cannot use the names or screenshots from their conversations with Shawn Higgins, I can tell you that I am not the only upset customer he referred to as a child.

Wish Me Luck Candles, they produce okay candles with horrible customer service. Let’s see if we actually have a winner in this promotion, and if they actually receive their prize. Or if this is one giant scam. 🙂


4 thoughts on “Wish Me Luck Candles – Horrible Customer Service – Xbox One/PS4 Candle Review Horrible Customer Service”

  1. I have bought from a lot of vendors, some take longer than others to ship out, but one thing I will not put up with is bad customer service and dishonesty. This company will never get my money, any person, especially the “CEO” of a company, that would talk to a customer like this is only doing his company a disservice. I hope this guy gets his stuff together, not a good way to run a business!

  2. I cannot believe someone who owns a business would treat a customer this way. I have been in customer service all my life and this is NO way to treat the people who keep you in business! He obviously has a lot to learn. I will not be buying any of these candles and I will tell everyone I know to stay away! Thank you for the warning!

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