Diamond Candles Review and Ring Reveal – Cranberry Chutney

I have been eyeing Diamond Candles for some time. The concept is intriguing – a ring valued from $10 to $5,000 hidden inside each 21oz soy candle. How fun is that? With Christmas right around the corner, I decided this would be the perfect “excuse” to try these bad boys out! Here is my review. 🙂

The candles arrived quickly, and all smelled fabulous. How could some of these be gifts for other people?!


I kept Cranberry Chutney. It was tart, bold and fruity. When lit, you could smell it all throughout the house. Did I mention that these candles have a burn time of 100+ hours?


Two hours into burning, and I’m getting antsy.. I can’t see my foil wrapped surprise yet, but I know it’s RIGHT there, so I go digging. A pair of needle nose pliers pull it right out.


The ring is pretty and purple! I suspect it is only a $10-$50 ring, given it has no markings on the inside. It fits, though, and was a fun surprise.


I am hooked! Here is a 20% off coupon code for you to try your own Diamond Candles Ring Candle! Check back often, as they are constantly updating their inventory with new exciting scents.

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Diamond Candles – Rings

What is better than Candles and jewelry? (chocolate?…. yeah.. ok.. maybe)

My daughter Cassie bought a bunch of candles for early Christmas presents – I say early, because she was so excited she couldn’t wait. These candles are 21 oz. and inside each one is a piece of jewelry – most is costume jewelry, but we’ve seen quite a few with real stones, or sterling silver.

I requested Cinnamon Tea.. It has a nice scent – strong enough to smell, but not overbearing. I set it to burn and figured it’d be the next day before I got to the foil wrapped baggie containing my ring.


After a few hours, I could see the foil, but I let it go another hour or so, just because I didn’t want to dig it out. In the above picture, you can see the foil in the liquid wax. One really nice thing is because the candles are soy (I’m assuming so, since they liquefy), the wax burns down nicely. If you do dig the prize out, lighting it again will quickly liquefy chunky wax.. so it’ll be pretty again very quickly.



The ring location is marked on the inside of each candle by a gold circle, making it easy to find. we used needle nose plies to pull it up out of the wax.


These would make a great gift for any woman. Diamond Candle 20% Off Coupon Code