Derecho Blows Through

June 2012 Derecho (day-ray-cho) a surprise wind storm blew through, knocking down trees and power lines. In it’s wake, millions of people were without power.

I had been watching the radar.. and the storm coming in looked bad. When I heard a roaring sound out front, I thought it was the wall of rain coming towards us. When I went to the window, there was no rain (yet). It was like a train of wind blowing through the area. With that first gust, our power shut down. It was weird, not like a transformer blowing – although, looking back, I’m not sure we’d have been able to hear one blow anyway, but more like a quiet light switch, turning the whole house off.

Part of what made this power outage so difficult is the heat wave that has been baking the area (and much of the US). It has been so hot that even the air conditioners struggle to blow out cool air, much less cold to cool a room or house. I’ve been opening the house up at night and placing fans in windows to bring in the cooler night air.. then shutting things up again during the day, putting blankets on windows to keep the cooler air in. Unfortunately, even that isn’t helping much.

In 2008, when hurricane Ike became an extratropical hurricane and collided with an adjacent front, it hit us hard leaving over 8 million without power in the midwest. The weather during the Ike outage, was mild and comfortable making it much easier to cope.

We had such a mild winter and an early spring – our spring was like the first days of summer, I think everyone expected a harsh summer… but this one… this year, it’s brutal.

I think I need to find an air conditioned coffee house to hang out in the cool air conditioned air.