Legacy – by Cayla Kluver

Cayla Kluver is my newest favorite author. I had downloaded Legacy: AmazonEncore Edition, but only just got around to reading it. Ms. Kluver is another young author, having written the rough draft for Legacy when during her sophomore year in high school. She then combined her junior and senior years to graduate early.

Legacy is set in the times of Kings, Queens and castles, in the Kingdom of Hytanica; it’s a love story, a story of growing up and mystery. Alera is the eldest daughter and will become queen on her 18th birthday. But she must find a husband suitable to be king – and that is the hard part. Only one man fits the crown as far as Alera’s father, the current king, is concerned. And this man, Steldor, while in love with Alera, seems egotistical and rude in Alera’s opinion. It doesn’t help matters that Alera finds her heart falling for Cokyri raised Narian; a year younger, and questionable allegiance, he is an unsuitable match for Alera, so says the King.

A war, sixteen years earlier, between their kingdom and neighboring kingdom of Cokyri resulting in 49 infant sons being stolen from Hytanica… and 48 bodies being returned. The return of the bodies was the abrupt ending of the battle from Cokyri.

A new battle begins.

I am already anxiously awaiting Allegiance. Since I finished Legacy and wondered when Allegiance would be out, I looked Cayla Kluver up on google. Found her website Cayla Kluver Official – and from there followed the link to her blog. Check her out before the end of July – as she’s got a $40 gift certificate to give away from CSN stores. She’s got links her her blog, so check it out.