Bobobie / ResinSoul Mei BJD For Sale or Trade

Bobobie / ResinSoul Mei

I’m just going to laugh over this experience.  But I am just not “into” this size of a doll.  She’s lovely, so slender and dainty.  And I knew going in that posing would be limited.. I’m going to rehome her because I just want smaller dolls.  I had this vision, when first starting the journey into bjds, that I’d take a doll or a few with me when I went out to eat, or to the book store. I love taking pics of food and drinks when we go out to eat, or we’re just sitting around the table waiting, so I envisioned taking dolls with me and making them a part of things this way.  My boys enjoy the dolls too (very gentle though).

I thought before I ordered her that size might be an issue. I just didn’t realize I’d be so disappointed so quickly.

I’d like to sell her, or, even better, I’d be will to trade for a puki-puki or puki-fee – willing to discuss and price differences if interested in trades.

Anyway, pictures are at my flickr. I have the box and padded bag she arrived in.  She has been body blushed – only what you see in the pics and slightly enhanced face-up.  Eyelashes have been trimmed since the pics were taken.  I do have some 3.0 mm elastic on order and would be happy to include some for re-stringing her if you’d like. I also have glib acrylic eyes (in transit to me now) in aurora green sz 16mm and will include those.  She has been hot glue sueded and pipe cleaners are in each of her arms and legs (easy to remove though)

I’m asking $165 SOLD (US) which is just what she cost me, not including shipping (and my price is not including shipping).

I have made a few articles of clothing for her using patterns from gracefaerie – 2 dresses, a petticoat, and bloomers, which I’d consider selling with the doll and in addition to her cost (otherwise, I will keep).  She’s wearing a Leekeworld wig (Kosha $28.00 sz 6/7, Goldenrod) will sell for $25 with the doll (otherwise, I will keep).