Google Malware Warning Issues

It seems Google is having issues this morning – or else my computer is really goofed up. Every single search I do on google is bringing me pages and pages of malware warning.

malware-warningWorried it was my firefox and something wrong there, I checked internet explorer and googled from there… to the same effect.

Want to check your own site to make sure all is well? Visit SiteAdvisor – Analysis page and plug in your sites address. I’m clear. But don’t google me… it’ll tell you I am likely bad and to visit at your own risk.

Hey google, what’s up? You’re making this easy, stay at home, sipping coffee Saturday morning a little difficult to search the net.

I guess I’ll go shower… I suppose I may have to use yahoo today…

Please, tell me this isn’t just me people?

Decalgirl Skins for iPod Kindle and env2

decalgirl accessories

I am so excited to get my Kindle (Amazon’s Wireless Reading Device) – only about another month to wait.

In the meantime, I’ve ordered accessories for it. One being a “skin” from… and while checking out her site, I found skins for my ipod… and then I found one for my phone..

I just got them all the other day – so much fun. Now my ipod and phone are all dressed up and my kindle skin is sitting here waiting for a kindle to wear it.

The ipod and kindle are dressed in Golden Knotwork. The env2 is sporting the Flappers.

iPod classic – also got some new tunes recently.. downloaded Nickelback’s newest album, Dark Horse, + a couple older songs from Silver Side Up and The State; One-X by Three Days Grace; a few songs by Evanescence.

New phone… desperately was needed.. the old one was randomly shutting off, while talking, texting or not… and not just once in a while, but like several times a day. Not only a new phone, but a new number as well.

So happy.

Baby Shower Gift Ideas

My oldest daughter is pregnant.  She’s expecting a little girl in April.  This is my first grandbaby and I’m so excited.  Every once in a while it hits me.. there is really going to be another baby around the house soon!

I wanted to get her something fun and special and not so “typical” for her baby shower.  A few years ago, I’d hosted a contest on one of my websites and I remembered one of the contributors in particular.  Casting Keepsakes…

I decided to order a couple of fun things from  them.  I got a belly cast kit, made by Proud Body.  This is basically making a cast of the front of your very pregnant belly (and usually breasts).. Once it is done, you finish it off and can paint and embellish it, or just leave it plain.  I made one when I was pregnant with Teigen and wish I’d made another during my pregnancy with Ry… they are fairly simple to do, but mom will definitely require help to do it.

The other item I bought is a casting kit which can be used to make a wiggle-friendly mold of baby’s hands or feet.  I was thinking it would be really sweet to make little feet, then with another (larger) kit, make a mold of mom or dad’s hand… then, when done, lay baby’s feet inside the cupped hands.  Makes me go awwwwww……

I really want to get them a “theflip” camcorder too.  It’s on my “to-get” list.  They are so small and convenient, record up to 60 minutes and seems like it would be perfect to capture those cute “coos” and first smiles.

Aside from baby shower gift ideas, I’m also in need of a “grandma” name.  Won’t you please answer the poll in the sidebar? I want something a bit off the beaten path.. I’m a young grandma (will be 39 this year)… so I’m staying away from the granny names. 😉

Plugins and Adjustments

I love when I feel well enough to get into my blog. I love wordpress as a blogging platform. There is so much you can do with it, so many plugins (fun!) and themes, and ways to manipulate the blog to do just what you want it to do… for instance, run as a CMS (content management system) rather than just a blog… or use it for your ecommerce site (a shop).

Anyway, last week I finally upgraded Momma Muse to the most recent version of WordPress. I’m still not sold on the admin controls being on the side of the screen – the way I had it before, I had to do very little scrolling down.. but I’m getting use to it. And it does seem a little slower to me – but that may just be me. Otherwise, I am really enjoying everything else. I have been nosing around the compatible plugins and found some new ones to add to my terribly long list.

Here are a few things that are new:
In the sidebar, notice the Most Read section. These are posts and/or pages which have had the most views on my site. I was pretty amazed to realize how many views a few of them have had in just a few years (this blog started in 2005).
Under Categories, notice Snazzy Archives. When I upgraded my wordpress, my old archives plugin wasn’t working.. I still wanted archives, so I put a simple archive list in the sidebar (scroll down a bit) but then I found the snazzy archives and what fun!
Do you use WordPress? Whether or not, here are the plugins I am currently using. This is a cool plugin that updates automatically the plugins I have activated. I could show the ones I have installed, but are not activated too, but I figured the ones in use are the best to know.

I changed my header – I loved the autumn tree blowing leaves and can’t wait to use it again this coming fall… but I thought it was time I should change it, since it was seasonal. Oddly enough, once I did, it seems like my page views dropped a bit. Odd? I think so… so in the next week or so, I’ll be searching for a new image. I am just stuck on what I want.

Adsense – do you get paid for advertising on your blog? I have for several years now, using adsense. I took most of the ads off during the last year (2008). But, they are back now. I am trying to make them small enough they don’t interfere with reading, yet are prominent enough to generate interest from those passing through. Giving it some thought one sleepless night, I decided to use the adsense generated income I receive for my Christmas money next December. I’m excited about the idea… by Oct I should have a nice little bundle of cash all set aside and ready to spend.

Sick.. I am still sick. Currently on antibiotics, steriods and waiting to see the doctor again to figure things out.. maybe. I post periodically on my crohns site, so feel free to keep up with things there.

New Grocery Store – The Sense of Freshness

A new supermarket opened in in our area – maybe there is one like it near you? It has an automatic water mister to keep the produce fresh. Just before it goes on, you hear the sound of distant thunder and the smell of fresh rain.

When you pass the milk cases, you hear cows mooing and you experience the scent of fresh cut hay.

In the meat department there is the aroma of charcoal grilled steaks and brats.

In the liquor department, the fresh, clean, crisp smell of tapped Miller Lite.

When you approach the egg case, you hear hens cluck and cackle and the air is filled with the pleasing aroma of bacon and eggs frying.

The bread department features the tantalizing smell of fresh baked bread & cookies.

I don’t buy toilet paper there any more.

Banning the Sale of Used Childrens Clothes and Toys

I’ve seen noticing a huge effort almost panic, around the net regarding the sale of used children’s clothing, toys, books. Of course this would hugely impact so many families it’s almost inconceivable!

Our country is in such mess financially, I cannot even begin to fathom the likelyhood of this bill passing as it is currently written. While I can certainly understand families across the country feeling a panic, I almost think it’s silly to fall into all the hype about it. While I think it’s important to sign petitions, write congressmen, etc, I also think it’s important to not inundate them with more hysteria – look around before you panic, read a bit, get informed…

My understanding is this is not going to effect the resalers, but manufacturers and importers. Now, how this effects handmade products just yet, I’m not sure…

Here is a list of related articles

And here is a link to the actual CPSIA or more directly this CPSC Clarification

Ah… and the ever handy snopes inspection.

Thrown Olives vs Packed Olives – how Obvious

Have been craving some green olives lately. While grabbing a jar of pimento stuffed olives, I noticed two varieties… one was “thrown” the other was “stuffed”. Not knowing which was which, I chose “stuffed”, specifically because it was priced a tad bit higher.

Why did I choose the higher priced? I thought maybe it had to do with the processing, in that possibly it would have a slightly different flavor. It was only a few cents higher, so nothing major.

Come to find out, it’s all about how they are packaged… in one case, the olives are literally “thrown” into the jar and the brine, etc it poured on top. In the “placed” case, the olives are placed more neatly, so the pimentos are showing.

It’s all about the neatness.

So what about this pimento? A pimento is a heart-shaped pepper about 3-4″ long. It’s a sweeter pepper than a red bell pepper. This is what they use to stuff green olives.

Making Homemade Fire Starters

We primarily heat our house with wood throughout the cold months.  It’s a lot of work, but the heat, the type of heat even, is so wonderful!

Every once in a while, we’ll let it die down because of an especially pretty day… or even sometimes,time just gets away from from us and we need to start over with the fire – not enough hot coals are left to really get it going again.

I usually leave the fire up to my husband to handle, but since I’ve taken some time off work due to health reasons, I find myself needing to tend the fire more often.

This morning as he was walking out the door for the day, he told me the fire was being testy and not wanting to really grab hold.  I got up andstarted tending.

I finally grabbed a couple of cinnamon scented pine cones I’d bought for the holidays and tossed those under the wood, put a few pieces of paper in and poof…. I have a nice fire burning.

pinecone-fire-starterTo make the pine cones more burnable like a fire starter, I decided to make my own using a few more of the pine cones.

First, I lined a pan with aluminum foil.

Then I spread out several pine cones.

Next I went scavenging through the drawers to find odd pieces of wax, crayons and candles.

I placed a few pieces on and stuffed into each pine cone, the placed in the oven for about 10 minutes on 250 degrees.

I used an old birthday candle on each pinecone, so there is a wick already set to light.  Not much wax on each one, but this should be plenty to get the fire going when it’s just died down… probably not a fresh fire though.

Here’s what I think I’ll do to make some start from scratch fire starters:

Line a muffin pan with cupcake holders – just the paper kind – not the foil.

In each holder, place broken bits of crayon, wax, etc. so the cup is about 1/3 to 1/2 full.

Set in oven at 250 degrees until melted.

Top with some dried paper, leaves, shredded bark, bits of pine cone or saw dust or even shredded peices of paper towel cardboard.

Now would also be the time to add a drop or two of scented oil, if desired.

Next, press in a pine cone firmly into each cupcake holder, holding until set.

Closely placing a birthday candle into the wax next to each pine cone will give you a lighting place for the fire starter to light.  Using an old candle will give you a nice waxed up wick to use to make starting easy.