How Does Santa Fit Through the Chimney?

Isn’t this something every child wonders at one time or another? Maybe, or… maybe not. As a matter of fact, I think when I got older, I wondered why I never did think about it. I was so trusting in the magic of Santa, I just didn’t give it a thought.

Now that I’m a grown-up I have probably given it more thought than ever. I have kids and I must be prepared if the question where to arise…. an unanswered question about the working of Santa could lead to trouble.

I love the Santa Clause movies and how the Fireplace “mouth” opens wide to allow Santa to walk right out. That is by far my favorite thought of how Santa makes his way through the chimney. I use that same excuse for our house, even though we have a large wood burning stove inserted into our fireplace. No matter, as we still have a chimney.. so Santa’s magic just makes it open wide to allow him and his big bag of toys through.

For a house or apartment without a fireplace, then a special Santa Key will allow Santa easy entry into your home… of course, this isn’t any ordinary key… it’s all about magic and it only works for Santa on Christmas Eve. I’ve found these at stores around Christmas time… but making your own could be more fun.. a little glitter, a long silky or velvety ribbon and wish of magic.

Looking for a more scientific approach to how Santa climbs down the chimney? Check out HowStuffWorks.

Track Santa – NORAD and Google Earth

Track Santa on Christmas Eve as he and his reindeer travel around the world delivering presents.

NORAD began tracking Santa in 1955. Their website has grown over the last several years and we get to participate in different ways too.

NORAD uses 4 different tracking systems (high-tech systems at that!) – radar, satellites, Santa Cams and, believe it or not, fighter jets. I think the fighter jets are the neatest part, as they greet Santa and his reindeer as he flies into the United States!

Luckily, NORAD makes it possible for us to watch for Santa as he makes his journey across the world by using the Santa Cams – and now track Santa in 3D with Google Earth, we can actually see Santa, his sleigh and the reindeer making that journey. We may not be able to fly with him, but we get the next best thing by watching him on our computers at home.

If the kids are getting anxious, send them to NORAD’s website where they can see the Santa Countdown and play in the Village.

Santa’s Reindeer by name:
and if it’s a foggy night, Rudolph may join the Christmas fun!

Merry Christmas!  Have fun Tracking Santa!