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Thanksgiving Day Dinner

I find myself wondering more and more often… where did the time go? This whole year seems to have just flown by, but then, so did last year. I think as much as it is about getting older, it’s about having kids, extended family, work and just an all-around busy lifestyle. Regardless, this year is winding its way down to the end and as every year we go out with a bang of holidays, family time, eating, presents and hopeful many fond memories.

Thanksgiving Day is upon us. Thanksgiving in and of itself is about being thankful, giving thanks for all the goodness in our lives. While our country is on tough times, I hope we all can find something positive and good. But as much as Thanksgiving is about thanks, family, etc… it’s also so much about food!

We are lucky, regardless of the stress of holiday at times, that we have so much family to visit with.. we sometimes have a hard time figuring out how we’ll get around to see everyone.

Cas and I were just talking about food and our favorites for the holidays. At Thanksgiving, we always look forward to certain foods. And even more specific, certain foods from certain places.

For instance, Cas loves Nana’s Corn Casserole and she loves G. Cox’s turkey and potatoes. G. Cox makes some yummy green beans, but she doesn’t make green bean casserole and I love that.. so if Nana doesn’t make it, I will.. and Em loves it too. Tege loves turkey and Ry gobbles up mashed potatoes.

Our turkey day is filled with visits, so I won’t make anything special that day, but likely I will make a little turkey dinner on Friday or Saturday, so we have the goodies to nibble on for the week. Thanksgiving leftovers are yummmy! Turkey sandwiches with mayo and a slice of tomato.

Receive Amber Alerts

Periodically, I’ll hear a customer or other employee mention an Amber Alert in our area. Of course, it’s always after the fact that I find out about it.

Heidi, from Healthy Kids Snacks, sent along an email with information on how to sign up for wireless Amber Alerts… you can even receive alerts on your cell phone. Very simple to sign up.

Sign up for Wireless Amber Alerts.

I’m not out and about much, but I figure all the eyes and ears knowing about a missing child is better than not being aware.