Kissing and Rubbing Owies

I sat at work today, with a headache, an achy tush (I swear, where they took the catheter out not long enough, a nerve was damaged.. so now I’m getting pretty intense nerve issues running from my right butt cheek down mid-thigh… horrible!) and trying desperately not to dose off. All the while I would drop a few entrecards here and there.. I have to be careful about posting and such. Even though we are slow, the boss gets grumpy if he sees me typing too much at a time.

I come across Melanie’s post Kiss It and got the biggest chuckle.. I think I can up her one (or maybe not.. maybe all mom’s have been here).. Ry, my youngest, at about 3 is all about “kissing” his owies.. (and still is very much so at 4 years old even) gotta rub them and kiss them. I don’t blame him.. I mean, it *does* feel better to have most owies rubbed.

As a side note, I have always called them owies, even though the society “norm” is boo-boo.. I just figure we typically say “Ouch”, or “Owwww” when we get hurt.. never once have I stubbed my toe and said “Oh booo.. booo… booo…” Just doesn’t make much sense to me… and well, Owie does.

So, Melanie’s Hailey needed her butt rubbed.. and yes.. as you can guess, needed it kissed.

Well.. Here’s my tale.. Ry.. got bumped or kicked or whatever in the privates and I get a “Mommy.. My penis hurts! Rub it!”…

To which I replied as loving and soothingly as I was able.. “OH hunny.. I know it hurts.. but really, we don’t rub a penis to make it feel better like that..” (all the while trying to maintain a straight face. I may be 37-38, but I’m telling you this was hard!)

Demanding personality that my little taurus is, he insisted that not only must I rub it, I must kiss it too… Oh, lordy.. children services would be on me like.. well.. wow..

In the end, we were able to settle on a leg rub instead and a forehead kiss.. but this was by far the funniest “owie” situation I’ve ever had to deal with in all the years and kids I’ve raised.

BTW, I have been known to kiss a tush to make it feel better.

My! You have such lovely veins!

This is what the nurse said to me yesterday at the hospital. I have crohns disease and had to have an abscess drained. With was little information I was given, I was left to assume this was suppose to be a simple Same Day situation.. ha.. but that’s the other story.. this is about my lovely veins.

The nurse who is going to give me a heplock so they can easily inject a sedative, tells comments on how nice my veins are. To which I busted out laughing since I’d just read vampire books, the first 3 books of the Twilight series and the night before finished Melissa De La Cruz’s Blue Bloods book.. to hear this nurse talk so lovingly about my veins was just too funny.

But given how the day had started and what it was looking like, I should have know.. I should have kept my mouth shut. But no, I had to tell her thanks and that no one, and I mean, never has anyone had a hard time getting in to my veins.. ever. She told me what a rough morning she’d had.. I did knock on wood.. but it wasn’t enough.

She stuck me in the wrist, which was terrible.. and looking at things now, she wasn’t even close! Then she said she should have just done it in my hand where she first thought…. so she pokes me there and my vein blows out.. Now I have a huge purple green bruise on my hand. So she switches to the other hand and finally gets it.

Tells me that after the procedure they’ll put a warm compress on it to help keep it from bruising worse (um.. hey.. it’ll be a while, why not a warm compress now?.. one for my hand, one for my pain?). Never did get a warm compress. I should have known the rest of the day was going to be crummy.

Hot Tub for Therapy (and fun!)

We’ve been looking for a hot tub for a while. Not only would it be nice and relaxing, but for the therapeutic qualities itself, a hot tub would be so worth nice. I use medicine to help control the pain I have from my crohn’s disease, but sometimes, that’s either not enough, or I want a little break from it.

Heat, warm water (temperatures around 102-104 degrees), has long been beneficial.. it relaxes your body’s muscles and joints. It also causes your body’s blood vessels to expand, which may lower your blood pressure. Plus, the jets.. they help message and loosen tight muscles.

I wish we’d started looking last year for a hot tub, but better late than never. My crohn’s will never go away, and well, besides it’ll just feel good.

Not to mention, but we’ve decided that vacations are not in our anytime immediate (or otherwise) future. With the dogs, the kids, the bills.. it just doesn’t make sense to go away from home, the stress involved, the cost, the juggling of other issues.. and we’re such homebodies anyway.. we really prefer to be at home – rent a movie, get carry-out and eat in.. we love our yard.. why go away? A hot tub just seems like one more way to round out our vacation at home – or stay-vacation. 🙂

So… through spreading the word, we found a hot tub! Next to nothing.. just have to drive to get it.. which, Bob is doing today.. Can’t wait to see the doctor to see when I get the OK to get in it (since I have an incision in my tush right now).