What is wrong with Casey Anthony?

Good God.. what is wrong with a mother who’s daughter is missing and doesn’t report it? Healthy parents… they lose sighting of their kid at a playground and their hearts start pounding and skipping beats until they get them in view again. Yet this woman goes on with life as usual and doesn’t bother to report it.. doesn’t freak out?

The media can sure do a number on someone for the hype of a story so I am not saying I believe everything I am reading (though admittedly, it’s hard to be objective) about the whole case of missing Caylee Anthony.. but all things aside, when you think about your child not being where you expect her to be and then not doing something about it, something is seriously wrong.

The 2 (almost 3) year old girl is missing for 31 days before finally being reported to police by, not the mother, but the grandmother. Why didn’t the mother report it? Because she was conducting her own investigation. That’s right.. the amateur sleuth thought she’d play around with her daughters safety and well-being… well… according to her story.

Though, according to Casey’s own mother, she smelled decomposition in the trunk of the car (and a cadaver dog smelled it too!?).. So maybe there isn’t much for Casey to investigate.

Then, pictures surfaced today showing Casey Anthony out partying (or was she playing detective working?) just days after Caylee went missing.. and she looks like she’s having a grand time too.

She was defensive and foul mouthed in phone call transcripts from jail to her family, wants to keep the public from seeing any more pictures, videos and information about phone calls being made, requests her bond be lowered (facts) and is upset because the police want to “pin” this on her and they aren’t listening to the information she’s giving them, saying all she’s done is lie to them (from the news reports)…

Regardless… something is wrong with this woman.

Warm Marshmallow Chocolate S’Mores Bars

Got my grocer’s entertaining summer recipes catalog today.. this recipe was in it and it sounds sooo yummmmy! Not that I could even entertain the thought of making it today (it’s 90 degrees and we’ve no a/c – i.e., won’t be turning the oven on today).. but even still.. it sounds tasty.

Warm Marshmallow Chocolate S’Mores Bars

1 pouch sugar cookie mix (find Betty Crocker in the cake isle)
1 c. crushed graham cracker crumbs
1 c. melted butter or margarine
3 c. milk chocolate chips (about 18 oz)
4 1/2 c. miniature marshmallows

– Heat over to 375.

– Stir together cookie mix and crumbs.
– Stir in melted butter until soft dough forms.
– Press into ungreased 9×13 inch pan.

– Bake 18 – 20 minutes until set.
– Immediately sprinkle chocolate chips over crust.
– Let stand 3-5 minutes, until chocolate begins to melt.

– Set oven to broil.
– Sprinkle marshmallows over melted chocolate.
– Broil with top 4-5 inches from heat for 20-30 seconds, until marshmallows are toasted. Note: watch closely as marshmallows with brown quickly.
– Cool 10 minutes
– Cut and serve.


Ella the Italian Greyhound Comes Home Wednesday

I’ve been patiently waiting… seriously, very patient… I haven’t even told the boys we’re getting a new puppy.. waiting for 4 weeks.

The wait is over!

Ella Italian Greyhound

She’s such a cutie! But this picture is 4 weeks old and I’m sure she already looks different. I will surely post more pictures in the next evening or two.

For now.. I’m containing my excitement, took a pain pill and am off to bed. I’m so tired of hurting. bleh…

Em & Kart Practice

Enzo Italian Greyhound

It’s been forever and a day that we’ve all gone out to the track for a race day, let alone just to practice. Bob finally got things to all fall into place and we went out last week.

His cousin is going to race periodically too.. so they had 2 karts out there. After some minor mechanical issues, they finally got things going and got in some laps. They talked Em into giving it a go-around. After suiting up, off she drove.. the first time my baby girl (15) has really driven and she was there by herself, never stalled it, never spun it out.. did several laps, in 2 sessions.. the next day.. sore as ever!

But everyone had a good time. I even took Enzo with me to “socialize” him a bit, since lately he’s been so skittish with strangers (even people who aren’t so strange). He did really well, all things considered. But, it wasn’t the busy either.

The weather was lovely too.. 🙂

My Space & My Dog Space

I’ve not been much into myspace.. not sure why not, but I just don’t do much with it. Don’t get me wrong.. I do have a myspace.. maybe I just don’t have enough friends to make me want to go. Oh well.. whatever. I’m there, been there.. a while.

So the other day, I was visiting a breed specific forum and someone there had a link to a dog place.. I followed the link, thought it was a neat idea and joined. Let me tell you.. this particular community site was so difficult.. if you have more than one dog, you have to register each dog and to register, you must log out, sign up again using a different email address. I have 4 dogs… so if I want to add each of my dogs, I need to enter 4 different emails (yeah, this is fun).. then, if I want to update something, I must log into each specific dog account. Way too much trouble for me.. and to top it off.. there is *no* search feature.. so I’m there to make friends with other dog people, so off my dogs, brag on others but I can’t even search for a specific breed, or people close to me in vicinity. Bleck.

Needless to say, I quickly forgot the name of that site and the next day did a quick google for dog space.. and what did I come across by a My Space for dogs (and they even have one for cats!).. and they are affiliated with MySpace. So.. if you have dogs (or cats) and want to create a nice little page for ALL your dogs.. search for others (many different criteria), make friends, vote on cuteness and so much more.. come check it out… and add your doggy (or kitty) profile to your myspace. 😉

Here are my doggie profiles on MyDogSpace.com. You can view my doggie photos, blogs and much more. (I have an italian greyhound, australian shepherd and a whippet)

Here is the link:
(If you join and use my pal code, 10349PAWS , I get to earn doggie dollars for my dog!!)


Crohns Flare Up & New IG

Boy did I go missing a bit, huh? Going on periodic “off internet” for chunks of time is not abnormal for me… but this time, my crohn’s disease got the better of me.. kicked my butt and landed me in the hospital to get this flare up under control. Feeling much better now. Though I am now back on 40 mg of prednisone… oh joy.

On a different note…..

Fawn Italian Greyhound 
Introducing.. little Ella… she’ll be joining our family later in July. She’s a fawn, italian greyhound…. it’s she adorable?