Propagating / Rooting African Violets for New Plants

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Years ago, I was told to clip the leaves off of an African Violet and to put it in dirt. It would root and grow a new plant. I’m really not very good at watering frequently enough to keep the soil moist.. admitting this, I never tried this method.

Last year, I came across a new method I thought I’d try. The one given was too much work (in my lazy opinion, ha!) – a jar, covering the opening with wax paper; two holes – one for the violet stem and the other to use for watering… I mangled the whole project very easily. And ended up with dried up african violet stems.

Walking around Old Roberds Emporium one day, I found some small bottles – something like what they use to (maybe still do) serve alcohol in on airplanes – the little individual bottles.

For a quarter a piece, I bought several of them, just because (I’m a pack rat, another admission.). I stuck an African Violet leaf and long stem into the bottle and within a couple weeks, I had roots. I had no idea it was so easy to propagate african violets!

Only a few weeks more and I had little leaves growing off the main one. I’ve been lazy and haven’t planted any of them yet.. been waiting for some free time and nice weather – so I’ll so it soon.

Here are the bottles I used with the stems in it.

Here is a picture of one of my African Violets last year.

I never use straight tap water for my plants. I collect empty gallon jugs (water and milk), rinse and fill with tap water. I let these sit at least 48 hours before using to water any of my plants. This allows for the chemicals in the water to evaporate.

See more of my house plant pictures.

Random Facts About Me

Reward Rebel tagged me for Random Facts about me. I didn’t realize until this morning that Connie from Easy Share also tagged me for the same thing! I was double tagged. Wow! I’m terrible with doing these things in a timely manner.. but I think I’m only a week or so late on this one.

1. I gave birth to our oldest son in a kiddie pool, in our living room with just my husband, my mom and the girls here with us – a planned, unassisted homebirth. We video taped the whole thing. We did end up transferring to the hospital after the birth because Tege was slow to start breathing – that is normal for a water birthed baby.

2. The year before our oldest son was born, I was pregnant with my husbands first baby. At 36 weeks pregnant, she died of unknown cause – she was stillborn almost a week later. I can’t even tell you how difficult that time was – I didn’t want to leave my house, even to get the mail for fear someone would ask how things where. Losing a child, at any age is horrible… birth stories … while we don’t talk about it much any more, she is still part of our family. We have a garden dedicated to Jordan.. which this year, the boys will help plant, weed and water.

3. I make soap, though I do sell it, mostly I make it because I love making it. I haven’t used regular store bought soap (or deodorant bars) in about 6 years. I share tutorials and recipes about handmade soap on this site. My favorites are the Oatmeal Milk & Honey (scented, with real goat milk and oatmeal), Lavender (with goat milk, lavender and lavender essential oils), and Yuzu (a crisp, grapefruit scent – Japanese Grapefruit).

4. I love pets. Currently, living in our tiny house we have 3 dogs (Bean, our whippet girlie and oldest; Sky, our adopted Australian Shepherd; Enzo, my italian greyhound boy); I’ve assumed ownership of Olivia, my tiny, sweet Apricot African Pygmy Hedgehog – my little piggy; Not mine – 7 adorable and friendly rats, momma rat is a “dumbo” and the older she gets the sweeter! Oh.. and the cat.. she’s been with us forever; and a 10 gallon fish tank. In the past, I also had a couple of smiling leopard geckos, bunnies, a bird (mustache parakeet) and a multitude of other rats, cats, pooches and fishes.

5. I met my husband through my ex-husband – we were still married. Bad relationship and after too many years (but two lovely girls) we parted ways and he moved in with a friend from work. I had met this friend a few times, but when they moved in together, I started seeing him a bit more. He asked me to see Lyle Lovett in concert and even got permission from my then-to-be ex… one thing led to another and today, we’ve been happily (almost the whole time, ha!) married 11 years.

6. I have Crohn’s Disease. This is a big deal for me because I’ve always been so healthy.. and in the last 2 years, so much has happened. It’s not easy to deal with things like not being able to eat what you want – I’m talking even healthy food, like salad, beans.. so much makes me hurt, or worse, I throw up. Sometimes one of the hardest things being sick, is it’s not always (usually never) apparent to other people. I am sick and I hurt and I may come across crabby.. but it’s *because* I’m sick and I hurt. I sometimes wish for a t-shirt or a sign “Just because I look healthy, doesn’t mean I am”.

7. I can be kind of obsessive about things. Two summers ago, I spent a week digging a hole about 5×7 and 30 inches deep so I could put in a pond. I wanted a natural pond, so it would help wildlife.. after digging with a shovel, having my husband cut the roots with his saws-all, picking just under 1 million rocks and pebbles, I decided I couldn’t afford it and filled the whole thing back in. (Thanks GG, my lovely grandma, for this trait… actually I like the trait and I adore my GG.)

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Parenting – Leader – Role Model

Even though this is my “momma” site, I don’t usually talk much about parenting. I’m not sure why that is.. maybe because when I do think of a really good post topic it’s usually 3 in the morning when I think I’m awake enough I’ve surely remember, and in reality, I’m so not.

But today, something happened I felt would be a good topic.

My boys are 3 and 6 – in less than 2 months they will both jump to their next age. They are both sensitive, usually considerate, though they have their moments – for the most part, you won’t hear me complain.

They are home schooled and don’t get around other kids to play a whole lot.. but Thursdays has become routine to come to work with me and play with 2 other kids – brother (6) and sister (2nd grade).. *my* boys were fighting at one point to the point they were hitting each other.

I let Bob (dad) handle it since I was working. But when Tege got really vocally upset, I went to see what was going on. Bob had them both in time out. Time out is fine, necessary at times for a cool off, or just for new direction.. however, in front of friends, I disagree with. Because this is a similar situation to what Bob and I dealt with in past year with our two girls, I told him under my breath he should have had the boys come out of the room if he were going to give time out (or any punishment)… Apparently, Tege would not leave the room at the time… I told Bob, again under my breath, he should have then asked his friends to leave the room.

My point with Bob was don’t embarrass our kids in front of their friends. Kids are learning and treating them in a thoughtful manner will develop a strong respect… respect goes both ways – but it’s my opinion we give respect to our children for them to learn to respect us.

As parents we can be leaders for our children; guide, teach, encourage.. I am not a perfect parent, I don’t hesitate to apologize to my children for mistakes, and sometimes, I haven’t made the best decisions in life, for which I tell them that I can’t easily change how things are, but look, see what I do wrong and try to make better choices for yourself. In other words, become a good role model for your children. Teach them to treat others how they would want to be treated and to not be embarrassed to admit mistakes.

I love being a mom. I don’t think I could handle any more kids – the only time I imagine infants now is from a grandmomma point of view! Just not too soon!! People talk about favorites.. what I tell my kids is “You are my most favorite ? year old in the whole world” (inserting child appropriate age,of course).. so I can tell each of them, always, how they are my favorite.

Working Pet Peeves

I work with customers every day at the flea market. For the most part, I love my job, though there is always room for improvement.

One of my biggest pet peeves with the customer side of things, Monique touched on and even aptly named the post. I’ve thought for months of posting here, the redundant questions I deal with daily.

Is this where you pay for things?
The sign above my head says “Cashier”, the lighted sign above your head says “Cashier”.. um.. yes.. you may pay for your items here.

Are you Open?
Yes… yes, I am open. Trust me, I have not been sitting/standing here, in the same spot all day for the fun of it.

I’m not done looking around, can you hold this for me because I don’t want to carry it around with me?
Yes, just put it on the next counter, not mine.. you see, other customers come up to mine counter who are ready to check out and I don’t have room to hold your stuff there.

You could grab a cart up by the front door.. No? You don’t want to push a cart around? Hmm.. wonder what Kroger would say if I asked them to hold my milk for me because I wasn’t done shopping and I didn’t feel like pushing a cart or carrying my own milk.. whatever, yes, I’ll hold it for you.. but if someone else wants to buy it, I can’t guarantee I will remember where it came from.

Ring.. Ring… (telephone)
me: Old Roberds.. may I help you?
customer: yes, I was just calling to see if you are open today?
me – thinking: well, duh.. I answered the phone.. do you think I want to come in on a day we’re closed just to answer the phone to tell people we aren’t open? WHY don’t you just ask “What are you hours today”?
me: Yes, we’re open 9-5 on weekends and 10-6 through thru the week.

Customer: Would you call the vendor….
… this [item] is $3.00.. will you see if they’ll take any less?
… I want this [item] will you see if they’ll take 60% less for it because I don’t want to pay this much for it.

Customer:I’m interested in [item].. would you call the vendor for me?
Me: Sure.. what is the booth number?
customer: I don’t know.. do you want me to go get it?
Me: well.. I can’t call the vendor if I don’t know who it is…

Do you take credit cards?
We accept cash and credit.
But, do you take credit cards?

Be Considerate.. No Cell Phones at the Counter…
For which when I ask “May I help you?” I get a wave and a “hold on” from the customer blocking my counter. How friggin’ rude must you be to think this is acceptable behavior, from an adult no less?!

One woman, a vendor at that… I repeatedly told her the amount, and she ignored me. I went to concession and made popcorn.. She got mad at me because I left her at the counter. Of all the rudeness!!

And then the vendors… this one gets me the most.
vendor: That vendor has x, y, z. or is doing x, y, z… why can’t I?

OMG.. How old ARE you? Didn’t you learn this when you were a kid, or when you had kids? Just because one person is doing it, doesn’t mean it’s OK, or allowed, or even that anyone else can do it. And for those that want to do something against our rules.. why do you think You are so special? Don’t you realize if we let you do it, we’ll have 10 other vendors saying “well, they are doing it, why can’t I?” And at that point, what good are rules? We have rules for a reason. Abide by them and all is good.

There is so much.. but the redundant questions.. for which I have made signs.. are the ones that grate on my nerves. What I keep thinking is our country is so concerned (rightfully so!) about our kids being able to read… yet, signs that are plainly visible, adults ignore. I know they can read them.. it’s pure laziness they don’t bother with it.