Pancakes and Hot Chocolate for Breakfast

We got home from work tonight.. me & the boys (I’m lucky, or not depending on the day, that I get to take them to work with me)… Ry says “I want pancakes”. So, I break out the box of easy pancake mix (I’m tired!) and make a batch of pancakes. Tege says he wants one too… all cut up, syruped and ready to eat.. I get 2 requests for hot chocolate.

My first thought is, these boys are tired of being cold. I think we’re ready for some spring weather.

Dinner was a hit – and easy too.

Four Foods on Friday – #19, wk 3

Friday again! This is my 3rd week doing the Four Foods Friday – I like it! Visit Fun, Crafts and Recipes to play too.. or to read other players (and don’t forget to comment here to let me know!). Here’s where to find this weeks Four Foods on Friday #19… my answers are below:

Here’s this weeks questions:

#1. Do you ever use scissors to cut any foods? Which? Raw or cooked?
Oh yes! I got my first pair of kitchen shears a few years ago and was so excited about all the things to use them on! I mainly use them to cut chicken (usually raw – then toss the scissors into hot soapy dishwater, then into the dishwasher).. but I have even used them to cut pizza!

#2. Popcorn. Homemade, microwave, bagged, hot, cold. How do you like it?
LOVE popcorn on the stove made in (I know, cringe) bacon grease… drizzled melted butter and lots of salt (remember my first FFoF? love butter & salt!)… I eat eat it fresh off the stove.. or I much on it the next day, after it’s been sitting on the counter all night getting stale.. I’m so bad!

#3. Sushi. Love it or hate it?
I have never had it. I don’t have any strong desire to even try it, though if it was offered, I would. Just wouldn’t go out of my way to get it.

#4. Share a dessert recipe.
How about a dessert topping? Or put it on your coffee or hot chocolate.. even on a homemade caramel frappuccino 😉 I started making this last fall and we love it… the boys eat it by the spoonful (maybe it is just a dessert!) and I love it on fruit too – even had it on some pancakes with homemade berry syrup… oh yummmy!

Homemade Whipped Cream
1 cup heavy cream
1/4 cup sugar
1 teaspoon vanilla

Whip cream until thick and stiff.
Add sugar and vanilla.
Continue beating until it holds peaks.

Do you have an eating disorder?

My 14 year old is our only child “in” school…. I don’t much care for schools or their rules and would much prefer her to be at home. But, she’s happy there.. thriving, learning and making friends (I’ll leave my thoughts on that to myself).

For one of her classes (health I believe) she had to keep track of her food consumption for 4 days; calorie count, sodium, carbs, etc, etc…

Her teacher, whom Em describes as being a “loud talker”, asks her in front of the whole class if she has an eating disorder and to explain why her intake is so low, not enough protein, etc. She said she could feel her face getting red… as she explained she doesn’t eat a lot of meat and mostly just pasta, fruits and veggies.

I asked her if she thought to tell him it pretty much runs on her mom’s side of the family.. I mean, I just don’t eat a lot, my dad has never been a big eater, my mom either.. and then going back to my grandparents.. at least on my dad’s side.. very light eaters. And much like Em.. lots of pasta, grains, beans (oh how I miss beans!), fruits, veggies.

I was really pretty upset, honestly, not that the teacher was concerned, but that he did it in front of the class – where it’s so easy to get a rumor started.. I mean, this is high school!

Last year, when I was dealing with my first symptoms, issues, and diagnosis, of crohn’s disease, I was asked by a co-worker if I was bulimic. I was offended because I’ve never been able to make myself throw up, and here I was dealing with throwing up and losing so much weight because I could hardly eat, I was scared. But he was only concerned, I know.. it’s just hard to prove to people that you do *not* have an eating disorder when it looks like you do – regardless of why it looks that way. All I can say is I hope this teacher didn’t start something for Em… I’ll be so ticked.

4×4 Meme

Linda at Ugly Mailboxes (check it out.. you must, really) tagged me for a 4×4 meme….

4 Jobs I’ve Had in My Life

1. I worked at Taco Bell for all of a day… and in that short amount of time, I question how safe I think it is to eat the food… ick.

2. I worked at KFC, at the time, they were insistent we answer the drive-thru and the phone “Kentucky Fried Chicken”, we were not allowed to shorten it to KFC… that say how long ago it’s been? Since they are now “KFC”.

3. I spent several years working the receiving dock (and driving a fork lift too!) at Meijer – it’s a Wal*Mart competitor, for those who don’t have a Meijer near you.

4. I am now working at the Emporium – Old Roberds.. what I’d consider an “upscale” flea market. I love it.

4 Shows I DVR (TIVO)

We use to dvr 6 Feet Under, when it was on HBO, now we dvr shows on HGTV – House Hunters, the one about strange houses (the Odd house on the block), Rachel Ray, movies periodically.. nothing specific..

4 Places I’ve Been

1. Ohio – does it count if I’ve lived here about forever?
2. Texas – lived there one year, in Houston… went to the beach in Galveston
3. Pensylvania – Pittsburgh
4. Florida – Disney World, the beach…

4 Favorite Foods

1. I love black beans and rice, though beans are now out of my diet due to my current crohn’s disease issues… I like it with lettuce, sour cream, chopped tomato, cheese and avocado… oh.. mouth watery yummmy…

2. Pasta and homemade chicken & zucchini sauce

3. Breakfast Pizza – this is such a yummmy hit! It’s a must-make!

4. Fried Chicken Fingers – homemade, of course!

4 People I Tag

I’ll preface this by saying, if you don’t want to participate, that is certainly ok.. I know it’s not always easy.. OTOH, if you *want* to participate and I did not tag you, please feel free to grab the info, link back to momma muse (or this post) and don’t forget to leave a comment, so we know you are playing!

1. Jenny at Up the Hill

2. Frugal Shopping with Julie – I know your site is about frugal shopping.. but if you wanna.. throw in this bit of fun too. 🙂

3. Barbara from Soaps and Potions – gotcha!

4. Christina at Whatever Mama

What Kind of Car Are You – Quiz

Following Tommy at One Quart Low – who happens to be a 911 Porsche.. I was curious what kind of car *I* was/am…

I’m a Mazda Miata!

You like to soak up the sun, but your tastes are down to earth. Everyone thinks you’re cute. Life is a winding road, and you like to take the curves in stride. Let other people compete in the rat race – you’re just here to enjoy the ride.

Take the Which Sports Car Are You? quiz.

Funny… my husband use to have a miata.. fun and cute little car. I just got a Mazda Millenia.. not nearly as cute or fun as the miata, but it’ll do.

Wanna try? Leave me a comment so I can see yours. 🙂

Entrecarders – Thank You

I’ve been meaning to start thanking fellow entrecarders for choosing Momma Muse to feature their site.. My apologies for not starting sooner. Unfortunately, I do not have a list of past featured sites… I am starting today…

First thanks goes to Paws Awhile – a great site about dog rescue. If you are dog lover this is a site to check out.

Friday’s featured site is Parenting Squad – Tips, hacks, and news for parents and their families.

Saturday’s thanks goes to Writing Forward – a great resource for the writing in you! Melissa says “Be a Writer and Shine!”

I’d also like to thank my top entrecard droppers…

Sense to Save
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Happy Droppin’

Four Foods on Friday #18, wk 2

valmg, over at Fun, Crafts and Recipes is hostess to the Four Foods on Friday meme.  If you’d like to join the fun, please do visit her site.

Here’s week #18 questions (which happens to be week #2 for me).

#1. Steak. Plain, steak sauce, hot sauce, ketchup or something else?
I’m expensive when it comes to steak.. out, I like a nice, juicy filet mignon.. grilling on the grill, I love my husbands NY strips… I like A1 sauce or sometimes a creamy horseradish sauce…mmmm makes my mouth water thinking about it.

#2. Water. Flavored, plain, carbonated. How do you like it?
Distilled water, no flavor, ice cold.

#3. What’s your favorite kind of waffle?
Belgian waffle… warm, lots of butter and syrup… with a side of bacon… yummmy!

#4. If you could have any one new small appliance for your kitchen what would it be and why?
I’d love to have an espresso machine with someone to show me how to use it.  And for soap making I’ve got an immersion blender addiction.

Enzo helping with Laundry

Originally uploaded by madaise.

I was loading some pictures to a local-to-me pet group (, if you happen to be in the area).. and I was going through my flickr account looking for a few cute pics of the furry kids.

I came across this one of Enzo (italian greyhound @ 6 mos old)… he’s in his red long-john pjs, helping me with laundry. Of course.. he’s the one that pees on it.. and then I wash it..

He’s been the hardest pup to housetrain.. but he is getting better. I knew going into our “relationship” that IG’s were typically hard to house train. Really, I don’t think he’s as bad as I thought he’d be. He learned the potty box (indoor) pretty quick, but he still piddles on clothes on the floor (I need to work on training US to not leave things lying on the floor) and he’ll sneak and pee on the blankets – rotten.. so we have to keep bedroom doors shut… We’re learning real well.. lol.

But aside from that.. he’s just the cutest pooch. He’s my little love.

Heads or Tails – The Letter P

Found this fun-ness at Mom Knows Everything

055 My newest puppy (Enzo).. who isn’t a really a puppy (well.. he’s 7 mos old now.. or is it 8!?).. regardless, the pooch pee’d on the bed… again. At least he didn’t pee on the pillow, right?

Sleeping My precious and precocious pirate-wannabe… exhausted and sleeping on good momma’s pillow..
Tege Peek-a-boo! Tege playing with me in daddy’s car.

Olivia Hedgehog Miss Prickly Olivia… my sweet Apricot Pygmy Hedgehog with the glowing pink eye. Her cage is a mess today… guilty momma.. shame shame on me!

038 Positively innocent…. Em’s little baby rattie.. The babies are so adorable! Eyes are open now.. but I have to get the pictures from Em.

IMG_0457 Repotting house plants




Sisters being playful

I followed Tammy’s link to the originating post (and subscribed to weekly reminders because this was fun!) at Skittles Place.

Speedtest – How fast can you type?

I was visiting some bloggers this morning and came across Tina’s post at about a typing test.. I thought I’d give it a try.. I didn’t do too bad, first try.. second I blew it though. Here’s my first try results (and I won’t post my daughters results, but will say she got an 87… of course, she did just take a typing class in school last semester.. she is a good typer, and really was self taught.)

60 words

Touch Typing

How fast can you type? Want to try? If you do, leave a comment. 🙂