Community Pet Peeve

Ok.. I have a pet peeve and it’s really getting under my skin.

Why is it when someone wants feedback or reviews on their site, they don’t bother to leave their own feedback first? I mean… I could go around all day long asking people to review my site and give me feedback, but what kind of person am I if I don’t bother to give my own?

Oh shame on me… I was quite cranky this morning… my apologies…

Favorite WordPress Plugins – Revised

Check this page for WordPress Plugins currently used on Momma Muse. is happily wordpress powered.. And, I’ll admit, I’m a wordpress plugin addict. So.. it’s been almost 2 years since I totally updated my first favorite wordpress plugins list. Here you go. If I’ve left out one of your favorites, please feel free to comment it.

Akismet – I did not active akismet when I first started using wp… it took me quite some time to activate it actually.. but anyway, here’s what it says today “Akismet has caught 23,705 spam for you since you first installed it.” Woo hoo.. go akismet!

Breadcrumb Navigation XT – You can see this in action on each page – what can I say.. but I like it.

Commentluv – Just installed this recently – works great and I love the concept – basically when a visitor leaves a comment, commentluv looks for the last post they made on their blog, if there is one, it puts it under their comment, if big deal.. have been seeing this on more and more sites… like it, like it.

Contact Form 7 – I like this form, but wish the form itself was a little easier to edit – size, etc.. works, and that’s good for me.. though at some point, I may look for something else.. maybe, maybe not.. whatever.

Dashboard Editor – This, for me, is just to clean up the dashboard. I don’t visit that tab very often, but when I do, I want to see exactly what I want and that’s it. This works just fine!

EmailShroud – Jumbles an email address on the site to make it harder for email harvesters.. works, but I probably don’t have email address on my site so I could probably do without.. but then.. maybe I do and I don’t want to take the chance.

Google Blog Search Preview – On the wp dashboard it shows backlinks in google.. it’s ok..

Google XML Sitemaps – I have this installed and on my google analytics site.. but I don’t pay much attention to it. If it helps alert the bots to what my new posts are great.. I don’t think it hurts anything and when it comes to SEO, I read a sitemap is good… hmmm.. now that I think about it, maybe this is why google visits me so much more than any other search engine? Anyone know?

In Series – I haven’t tried this one yet, though I see it, right down there in my write post tab… hmm.. since this is the second “favorite wordpress plugin” I’ve done, maybe I should give the in-series a try… (maybe I did.. ?)

MyAvatar – You’ll see this plugin in action on comments – see the avatar that links to the commenters mybloglog? There you go.. nifty, huh?

NoFollow Free – Hey.. your link is here, and I appreciate it! I will give all the link luv I can.. removing the nofollow sounds good to me!

Popularity Contest – Just for fun? You’ll see this at the bottom of each post. I like being able to view the stats in the dashboard.

Post Templates by Category – Each of my categories have their own page, post templates.. I use it so I can add category specific info.. like my soap pages all show soap pictures… my recipes show pictures of food, etc. Makes for a lot of files in my theme template, and sometimes I want to give it all up, lol.. but really, I like the post/category specifications.

Simple Tags – I’d been using one tag system – from Jerome.. then he quit updates and passed along to someone else… with the new wp upgrades, it became essential to find a new tag plugin…this one is aweome – I mean, really, I love this one.. improvement.. !!

SRG Clean Archives – I like my archive page.. a very quick and easy way to see what’s been posted and how many comments. This one also requires another template file.. but hey.. are the archives nice and clean? (at least something gets organized around here!)

StatPress – stat program.. sometimes I obsess on the stats..who’s been here.. how many.. etc, etc.. sometimes I ignore it..

Subscribe To Comments – Simple, works fine, as far as I know… 🙂 Stats – another stat program.. again.. sometimes I pay attention, sometimes I don’t. Has good info though.

WordPress Database Backup – Quick way to back things up. Like it.. use it.. keeper.

WP-Bookwormr – I love bookwormr.. though I’m starting to suspect it’s development is at a standstill. Anyway, it shows what books I am currently reading.. like that. 🙂

WP-EMail – I like knowing that people can send a post to themselves or their friends.. I often look for this option when I find a good post/recipe/idea… I did take this off most of my pages and reserved it for the recipes and soap info pages.. just trying to declutter some… Oh and it also shows up in the dashboard to show when and who is emailing.. very nice.

WP-Flickr – Just installed this one.. give me some time to try it out. Although, I am able to post from my flickr site.. I just can’t add tags… so I have to come here to edit, so I hope it works! It installed easily enough, and I am able to click the wp-flickr tab in the write post and all my pics show up.. so it looks like it’s on the path to goodness.

WP-PostViews – Not a necessary plugin by any means, and really doesn’t tell much – because it accumulates, new posts will probably always have a smaller view count than some of my other older, popular posts.

WP-Print – This one is up there with the wp-email.. though I can’t see how many print pages.. it does clean up the print page and lists links at the bottom of the post. It’s nice. I also restricted this to recipes and soap info.. seems like those are the most likely pages to be printed.


I wanted to install Comment Relish, and tried, and tried.. and … well… it just wouldn’t work. It broke my mail sending capabilities, which I guess isn’t uncommon, since I found posts about it when I googled it. However, I really, really wanted this one to work – what it does is sends a reply to first time commenters… you can tell them thanks for the comment and encourage them to subscribe to your feed… just really a great idea… so sad it didn’t work.

Breakfast Pizza

This is a hit for any breakfast.. I bring it to work a time or two a month and it’s gobbled up in no time. A new worker asked for the recipe… since I’ve been making it so much, it’s changed from the original recipe I posted… how much of each (sausage, bacon, potatoes and cheese) will depend on your own personal preferences. I used about a cup or so of each, spread across the pan. When I make a regular breakfast with sausage and bacon, I make extra.. then I just eye-ball how much more I may or may not need.

The first time we had this was at Christmas several years ago. My mom brought it over and being the hit it was then, it’s no wonder we still have it so often.

Breakfast Pizza

crescent rolls – 2 packages of large
browned sausage spicy or breakfast type (or a mix)
chopped, fried bacon
shredded potatoes (I used bob evans or equivalent)
shredded cheese
12 eggs, scrambled, leave uncooked

Brown the sausage and fry or bake the bacon.
Drain grease. Chop bacon.
Spread crescent rolls on the bottom and slightly up the edge of a baking pan.
Sometimes I bake the crescent rolls on @ 350 degrees while I get everything else ready.
“Sprinkle” toppings (sausage, bacon, potatoes, cheese) onto crescent rolls evenly.
Salt & Pepper to preference.
Cover with scrambled (uncooked) eggs.

Bake on 350° until eggs are firm.
Eat ’em up.. yummmy!

Sick Tege

Originally uploaded by madaise.

I hate when the kids are sick… they will rarely take medicine, preferring to tough it out..

Tege lived on fla-vor-ice today and burrowed into a pile of cushions and blankets on the couch.. I worked, but he had grandma to keep him company (and she did my dishes AND laundry.. yes.. my mil is a keeper!)

Thankfully, no pukies or otherwise.. just fever, achiness, stuffiness and a sore throat.

Hopefully whatever I had 2 weeks ago is enough to keep this bug away from me.

More about the Repo’d Van

So… my day went from really bad, to worse. I called about the van… they had to speak with the Mr… so I called the Mr who happened to be sleeping an hour away.. and he called them only to find out they don’t want to work with us any more… “if you want the van, get a new lender”…

I did find out we were actually 63 days behind when they come and took her. And I really, really was going to pay it today.

My day got worse. I called the automated service phone number to pay our cable/internet bill.. Please enter you phone number.. please enter your zip code.. if you would like to pay your bill, press 1.. if you would like to pay your bill with a credit card, press 2.. if you would like to pay… um.. yes.. yes, I really would.. could we please get on with it? I mean, come on already.. entered my payment amount, followed by a pound sign, entered the card number, followed by a pound sign, entered the expiration date.. ~~ elevator muzak ~~ We’re sorry, your payment cannot be completed at this time.. please press -0- to speak with an operator…

I explain to the operator what happened.. she is more than happy to get my phone number, my payment amount, my card number (is that a visa or mastercard – um.. it starts with a 4.. it’s a visa.. why do I know this and you don’t? oh whatever.. visa, yes, visa.. ) expiration date…

As this payment is “processing” I pull up my bank account only to see that the same amount had been withdrawn twice! Egads!! I mean, seriously! I’m like $300 in the hole now!! (Thank goodness I had some in savings)

In the end, one person tells me they can’t refund it, another tells me they’ll refund it Monday morning.. And to boot, it was THEIR fault – the automated system lied to me.. it apparently was being lazy and just didn’t feel like giving me a confirmation number. And the service rep didn’t realize the payment had processed.. and they tell me they aren’t able to make a refund once it’s been processed.. we’ll see Monday.. I wonder if my bank can get the money back.

An outrageous water bill, a repo’d van leaving me vehicle-less with 2 small kids in the middle of winter when I am trying to pay the bill, and double whammy cable payment. I’m ready to wake up to a new, and hopefully better, day tomorrow.

Van Repo’d

Sleeping so well, snuggled between my boys, baby pooch at my knees, warm and cozy… 3 o’clock in the morning, the sound of gravel crunching in the drive sends me flying out of bed, my heart to pounding, the ferocious beast growling and barking.. no porch light (didn’t I *just* change that dang thing!?) and I see my car, my van.. attached to a tow-truck at the end of my driveway…

My heart just sank.

I was going to make the payment this morning.. Oh sure, that’s what they all say.. but no, really. I was only a month behind until 2 days ago.. and I had to pay our crazy water bill first.. I won’t even go into that one.. (a toilet that ran a full day and a leaky faucet.. need I say more other than “ouch!”)

The guy was really nice.. said if I’d give him the keys (I did) that he’d call it in as a voluntary repo.. and I could call Honda in the morning and work things out. I asked him if he was lying to me.. about getting it worked out and getting my van back.. he promised no.. but … well.. like he’s going to say “um, well, damn, you caught me.. yeah, I’m lying.. you’ll never see your car again wa-ha-ha

Poor little Ry wakes up and says who’s taking our car?

The boys are sleeping (the girls never even woke up – not even with my sobbing through the house).. the dogs went potty and all is quiet again.. but I have no car. I got my ipod out of it.. but not Ry’s carseat – lordy.. shame on me.. but it was SO cold (it’s 4 degrees right now) and I couldn’t get my fingers to work around it.. so I guess he’s truly housebound until I get this worked out.

During my midnight computer time, I did visit a couple sites… cre8buzz, 365 Days of Lotus (I keep thinking about doing this), Dirt Makes Fat

Olivia the Apricot Pygmy Hedgehog

Originally uploaded by madaise.

This tiny apricot hedgehog is my newest addition to our family. Actually, she’s been in the family for the last year (since January 2007) when Cas bought her from a breeder.. at the time she was about 6 weeks old.

Cas took really good care of her for a long time, but in the past recent months, I started noticing that Cas had too many things on her plate and I offered to try to find Olivia a home.

But… ssshhh.. don’t tell Bob… I think I’ll just keep her. She’s starting to get use to me.. letting me rub her toes clean, feeding her treats and rubbing her belly.

Plus, Sky *loves* Olivia – although I haven’t figured out if it’s an I’d love to lick you because I want to be friends, or I’d love to lick you because I wonder how tasty you’d be… I don’t know…

See more pictures of Olivia during bathtime (so far these are the best pics I have been able to get of this nocturnal pyggy, er I mean, pygmy).

Work and Lazy Co-workers

There is nothing like working your butt off all day, day after day… and a new person getting hired in – apparently to shoot the sh!t with the boss all day long.

We all have our lazy days, or even lazy moments if nothing else.. I know… but geez.

I was zipping around some entrecard blogs today and came across this list that hit my funny bone just right. posted Some Useful Condescending Phrases … I won’t post them all.. but these couple in particular really fit for me today:

— I don’t know what your problem is, but I’ll bet it’s hard to pronounce.
— I’m not being rude. You’re just insignificant.
— I’m already visualizing the duct tape over your mouth.
— I’ll try being nicer if you’ll try being smarter.

And this one…
— My toys! My toys! I can’t do this job without my toys!
really it’s .. my pens.. my stapler.. my tape!… where’s my stuff!!

work… sigh… I think I’ll go buy a lottery ticket.

Entrecard Credits Winner – Sharing the Wealth

Remember the contest I posted about for 500 entrecard credits? Well… got an email from bright and early this morning telling me to go cash in my coupon!

Woo-hoo… 500 entrecard credits for me! Don’t forget – Zobel’s contest is a weekly thing.. so go read her contest requirements, join entrecard and have a go!

So.. now, I’m going to share.. I’ll give away 250 credits, 125 to two entrecard newbies… sign up, comment here and you just may get some ec luv…

Another Entrecard Contest – and another!

Wow… I join entrecard, find all the great blogs and even get to meet some new people too.

So, here’s a few things I’ve found (geez.. at this rate, I’m going to have to add something about entrecard to my category list!)..

First, I found (or rather, they found me) – a forum specifically for entrecard… come join us for information and contests.

Then somewhere alone the clicking road, I came across a contest to win 1000 ec! Oh My! Read all about this awesome (and easy to participate) contest at 1000 Entrecard Credit Contest.

More ec contest to come, I’m sure!