From Co-Sleeping to Hotel Living

For 5 years, we shared our king-sized bed with first one boy, then added another boy.

A few months ago, we added a twin mattress.. it helped spread us out a little bit, but very little.

Finally, 2 weeks ago we bought a full size mattress set. Because of the way the floor plan was in our room, it wasn’t going to fit with everything else. So we switched rooms with Cas – about the same square footage, but more rectangle than square shaped. Walking in to our room, with our bed and the new bed, separated by a makeshift table (really, a couple of stacked totes filled with toys), and Bob says “Our room looks like a hotel room.”

If only we had a bathroom at the end of the room.

I was pretty certain Ry would easily to separate beds, as he was the one who slept in the twin next to my side of the big king. Well, in truth he and I took turns sleeping on the crack of the two beds. It was a little odd, because for most of the night, both boys would sleep close to me – I never had much more room than I am wide. So, even adding the twin, I didn’t gain any extra sleeping space. So, Ry did adjust well to sleeping in his shared bed. He has a little table (another stack of toy crates) which hold his water cup next to him… and when he wakes in the night, he simple sits up and says “Momma, come over here”…

I didn’t think Tege would move very easily. But, surprise, surprise.. he was happy to get his own space. Since our beds are pretty close still, I don’t have to get up when he wakes (as with Ry).. I just stretch my foot over to him and we both fall back to sleep.

The first night, I had a worse time sleeping than either of them. I tossed and turned and didn’t fall asleep until the wee hours of the morning. The next day was terribly long.

I loved co-sleeping and snuggling with my babies and then boys as they grew up.. but I’m so happy to have my bed back, my space, knowing I can roll over without fear of waking one of them. ~~~ stretch ~~~

Where in the World did September go!?

Already the 23rd of September and I’ve only written 2 posts so far this month. Goodness, where has the time gone?

Earlier this month, I was [seemingly] constantly on the phone with an online charter school (eCOT) for Cas. It should have been a simple process to get her enrolled, but a simple piece of paper they needed, but didn’t specify clearly, put us smack in the middle of everyone else trying to get last minute registration done. Once that was complete, Cas was able to log in, but with no class information or teacher info. That took another week. In all, it took 3 weeks to get enrolled. And, upon downloading a file from their “home pc disc”, she ended up with a computer issue and had to reformat from the previous day (thank goodness she backs up daily!). Now she’s in and all is well.

In the meantime, Em was having some difficulty with ‘self-discipline’ and when it came to doing math, she was having emotional breakdowns. Not because she couldn’t “get it”, but because she didn’t want to try. I figured we were less than a month into the school year and I didn’t want to fight with her, daily, or even weekly. So, off we went to enroll her in the middle school. Where, thankfully, she’s very happy to be. I think she wanted to go back to school for a while, but didn’t want to admit it, and didn’t want to make the choice herself, in case she really didn’t like it. Either way, she is there now and with only a week behind her, seems to be doing just fine.

Tege lost his first tooth — the first one that was ready anyway. He was very stressed about it. But Cas, his second momma, told him what she used to do with a loose tooth. Giving him a warm wet wash cloth, she told him to to wiggle it around with that and it would come out. Sure enough, out it popped. He was terribly surprised and excited! And the next morning thrilled to see the toothfairy visited to make him a trade, a tooth for a dollar.

Ry… he’s as good as ever. Talking up a storm, having a few tantrums, growing big.

New Addition…. Em, over a month ago, decided she wanted a pet. The particular breed she had in mind has many health issues that concerned me (as far as her being able to afford their care). I suggested she do some research on rats. A local pet shop had a couple of dumbo rats. After my time implemented research period was over, she managed to get the OK from Bob to get one… Otis, the Dumbo Rat, joined our family on Labor Day weekend at approximately 2-1/2 to 3 mos of age.

Aside from being busy with homeschooling, activities outside the home, running errands, school, I’ve teamed back up with my internet friend, Heidi from Healthy Kids Snacks, and we’ve started… our first section is fruit smoothies. Before long, we’ll have more tasty sections added…. I know many visit here at Momma Muse in search of recipes… don’t forget to add RecipeChicks to your bookmarks, and join our newsletter too – as with Momma Muse – you will *not* be inundated with mailings from us at all. 😉

I’m also putting together another contest… stay tuned!

Learn to love exercise and feel comfortable with yourself

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How I Learned to Love Exercise and Feel Comfortable About Myself

By Go-To Mom Alison Hupper, Pelham, NH

Gym class, those two words always caused me to wince with embarrassment. Just thinking about gym class gave me a stomachache. Overweight and uncomfortable with my body, high-school gym class accentuated my flaws. I would watch the thin girls do their push-ups and pull-ups and then when it was my turn, just not make the grade. The gym teacher would then let everyone else in the class know it too. Running the 50-yard dash was the most difficult for me. I finished last and remember the boys laughing at my poor form as I crossed the finish line. It was a moment that I thought was locked in of my memory forever.

After that, instead of becoming determined to improve I became more set in my sedentary ways. Watching soap operas after school and eating creme horns became a regular routine. Exercise was confined to two periods a week in high school. And even then, I managed more often than not to keep on the sidelines by claiming I had headaches or sore throats. I was a strong student in all my other classes and didn’t have the drive to excel in this area.

It was a myriad of events that finally encouraged me to start working out and getting fit. My mother was always walking and trying to stay fit. Then my grandmother and grandfather were diagnosed with cancer at the same time. We were extremely close and their illnesses sparked a need for me to be healthier. As a way of supporting each other, mom and I started working out together. We bought videos and exercised in the basement. Walking was also part of our routine. As she was fitter, it was a challenge for me. Getting fitter gave me more confidence in my abilities: I was ready to face the gym!

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