August Scratch-off Card Contest Contributors

The winner is Renee Sciara!

Momma Muse has some great work at home mom businesses hosting the August scratch-off card contest; Our second scratch-off ticket / card contest!

Scratch-off cards are good for promoting your business, as well as for fun. Use them for baby showers, wedding showers, birthday parties, the list is on-going and only limited to your imagination.

Terra, of, is a great source for scratch-off stickers. She’ll even design and make the cards for you.

Delightful Scents – For handmade candles, tarts, wax-dipped animals, handmade soaps, lip balms and more!

Busy Buds Personalized Favors & Gifts – Specializing in personalized candy wrappers, tic-tac-toe tiles, scratch-offs, bottle cap gifts, mousepads, wedding coffee & tea pack favors and many more items. Custom design is also available at no additional cost.

bead’n babe offers stunning handcrafted Grandmothers, Mother’s, Children’s, Baby and other special occasion bracelets, that are custom made for you or that special someone on your shopping list!

Soaps and Potions – Natural handmade soaps bath and body.

Tarts by Hummingbird – Soy Wax Tarts – Extra strong wax tarts that last extra long.

Charmed Stores – Printed and Personalized materials for your home & business.

One of a Kind by Lexi – Personalized hand-painted greeting cards, address labels, business cards, graphic design & more!

The Scented Frog – Handmade lotion and body products, hand made jewelry, pain relief and more.

If you make scratch-off cards for your home business and would like to contribute to the contest(s) hosted on Momma Muse, please contact me for more information.

August Scratch-off Card Contest

The winner is Renee Sciara!

Promoting Work at Home Moms & Businesses

Momma Muse participating scratch-off contest contributors.

Hosting our second Scratch-off card contest and it’s FREE!

Scratch-off Cards Contest / Sweepstakes Guidelines

What’s the prize? A bunch of scratch-off lottery tickets from mom owned businesses across the ‘net! All scratch-off tickets are winners! There are NO “sorry, this isn’t a winning ticket” or “try again”. Not here!

Official Rules

– Must be 18 years old or older to participate.

– Limited to US/Canada.

– To enter, subscribe to the Momma Muse Newsletter.

– Contest runs through the end of August 2006. Ending on August 31th.

– A randomly chosen winner from our newsletter subscription list will be notified within 1 week of contest end via email.

– Winner must respond within 48 hours of notification or another winner will be chosen.

– If the 1st winner doesn’t respond, another will be chosen, up to 3 times. If each, in turn does not respond, the tickets will then carry over to the next contest.

– Full name and snail mail address will be required from winner to have the package mailed.

Winner’s name and contact information will be given to sponsoring businesses for follow-up purposes. Concerned? Consider visiting the scratch-off ticket providers’ websites to view their privacy policies.

– Acceptance of prize constitutes Winner’s permission for Momma Muse, and each scratch-off ticket provider, to use the Winner’s first name and last initial and/or any comments made by Winner on our website(s) or in newsletters and advertising.

– Remember: No purchase necessary to be eligible to win – just join the newsletter with a valid email address.


* Number of tickets dependent on number of sponsors.

Check out June 2006 Contest Contributors and visit their sites.

Momma Muse does not believe in spamming our newsletter subscribers. You will receive only a handful of newsletters per-month, at most. You may unsubscribe at any time. Your Privacy is important to us. Read our Privacy Policy for details.

Disclaimer: “Winner” or “Winning” in reference to the scratch-off tickets means that there are no “sorry, this isn’t a winning ticket”. The winning prize(s) is/are unknown to us (Judi & and we are in no way held liable for any prizes claimed or unclaimed. This is strictly for fun, and used as a promotional tool for the work-at-home business we are promoting.

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The Best of What Moms Have to Say is Available Online, All in One Place

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“Moms have always looked to other moms for advice, practical wisdom, and a sense that they’re not alone,” says Meredith Vieira, moderator of ABC-TV’s The View. The expertise moms have shared while on playgrounds, at soccer games, and around their neighborhoods, has now been aggregated through the power of the Internet. The MomNetwork fosters this mom-to-mom camaraderie, while bringing together the best of what real moms have to say.”

In contrast to social networks targeting young people, The MomNetwork has been uniquely developed to meet the needs of busy moms. The MomNetwork helps moms find practical solutions to their everyday challenges and issues by directly connecting them with other moms dealing with similar situations. Moms are concerned about Internet security so The MomNetwork has been designed to allow moms to strictly control their privacy and anonymity. ClubMom will continue to rollout new features of The MomNetwork, including online groups, which moms can join based on their shared challenges, interests, or kids’ ages.

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Beautiful Belly Pictures

After birth, a woman’s belly is rarely ever the same as before pregnancy (let alone, multiple pregnancies!).

I never developed stretchmarks, but I did lose my pre-pregnancy, tight-muscled, flat belly. My cute little belly-button slit is now just a hole. My now-soft, stretchy-skinned belly makes funny “faces” at my kids and sends them in to giggle fits. I have a little belly pooch, I like to think looks womanly. Too bad my middle is still about as wide as my hips, which I never did really grow any during my 5 pregnancies.

Came across a wonderful website this morning, The Shape of a Mother. A website almost any mother who has experienced the body-morphing effects of pregnacy could identify with…

toshiba problems

I haven’t been on the computer much the past month or so. For whatever reason, my laptop was working almost perfectly for about 4 months, during January through the end of April. Once the warmer weather and oddly enough, the humidity, came in to play, I started having shutdown issues again. I propped the laptop up on blocks to let the air circulate better – it’s an overheating issue, I now realize. When that stopped being effective, I put a fan, an oscillating fan directly in front of it. By the end of June, it became so bad, I transferred all my important files to another computer and shut off the laptop.

I’ve come to accept that I will not be compensated fairly for my $1500+ laptop. Sadly, I’m now working on a hand-me-down pentium 3 that belongs mostly to my 5 yr old son. Recently surfing images at took forever.. the whole computer bogged down. So much for having a fast, multi-tasking laptop to get the job done.

I did receive a letter about a class action lawsuit that a different law firm filed.. the results from it were less than satisfactory – so much so that most people wouldn’t receive a dime anyway. Because the letter said some information was classified, I am not reposting anything from it. The letter came from the firm in this thread Satellite A75 – National Class Action Attorneys though.

Thanks to all who keep sharing their experiences. I hope, eventually, to start hearing some positive results… but it’s likely just wishful thinking.

Happy SAHM

I’m a happy stay at home mom.

But just because I’m a “stay at home” doesn’t mean I don’t work, or really, “stay” at home. Rarely do I have a day where I manage to not touch the car keys (i.e. get in the car for errands, activites, etc).

I run the oldest to work every day, we go to parks, run errands, meet with friends, grocery shop, run to the bank, always watching for educational interests, dishes, laundry, vacuum, dust, pick up toys (constantly), manage the finances, administer first aid to owies, cook (or clean up after someone else cooks – my 13 yo is headed for great-chef-ness)… This week, I’m also administering tests to both my oldest girls for school. I should really sit down one day and compile a list of things I do.. I even scrub toilets and wash windows. Goodness, how many jobs are there in the SAHM field? Is there already a list out there?

I’ve never been criticized by family or friends for any choices I’ve made over the years. I haven’t always made the best choices either. Live and learn. I love being at home with the kids, homeschooling, and finding ways (often little, sadly) to add to the finances.

This morning, I read SAHM vs. Career Woman, by Truly Marsha. I like what she has to say about employing housewives… right on!

I also liked what one of the commenters, Rhonda, had to say… basically, be proud of what you choose to do and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

I couldn’t agree more!


I am finally done. Today, June 9th, 2006, marks the last day of breastfeeding for Ry, 26 months old. He nursed this morning when he first woke up… and then we (I, specifically) were done. He wasn’t particularly happy about it, but all-in-all did really well.

I made a mental, flexible, plan to wean by his 2nd birthday, or close to it. Considering we really could have breastfed a couple more years, as many instictive parenting momma’s (and children) do, I’m feeling pretty good it only took us an extra 2 months.

This is the longest I have nursed my babies. Tege seemed to nurse a long time, at about 20 months or so. But, I was pregnant with Ry and my milk just dried up… Once that happened, it just hurt so much – he wasn’t getting anything anyway, so I remember it being easier to stop (though maybe my memory is deceptive). I really had no interest in tandem nursing anyway, per the suggestion of several friends saying how difficult it was. Of course, ymmv, as we all know.

I suppose I shouldn’t celebrate too much, as we haven’t made it through the night yet. We do still co-sleep, but I’ve really been prickly about night-nursing. Hopefully no issues to come.

KUDOS to all nursing mommas, however long you breastfeed, or breastfed. Feel free to comment your weaning woes and joys. 🙂

Child Development

We are planning a trip to Disney World (postponed from our previous plans for this Oct, to likely next October – see Disney – Family Vacation for plans). I was curious where Ryland, our youngest boy, will be developmentally around that time – most specifically, about height and weight – thinking of rides and carseat vs. booster.. anyway, a quick google brought up a wikipedia page (I love, btw) on Child Development. It gives information from infants through age 5. Provides a great list of physical, motor, cognitive, language, and social developments. It was fun to read. I see that both my boys are ahead on some things, behind on others and totally normal. 🙂