Wholesale Handmade Soap

Thank you for your interest in wholesaling our Handmade Soap! Here is our basic information on how we handle wholesale accounts.

Should you have other questions not answered here, or specific to you and your company, please contact us.

What do you wholesale?
Currently, we only wholesale our handmade soap. If you are interested in the purchase of our Original Tree of Life Pendant at wholesale price, please contact us.

What are you prices for wholesale?
Soaps unlabeled are $3.25 a bar.
Soaps boxed with our label are $3.50 a bar.
Soaps boxed with your label are $3.50 a bar, plus a one-time set-up fee of $5.

Handmade Soap Description
All soaps are cut to approximately 4.5 ounces. We cut by hand and size may vary slightly from bar to bar. We feel this lends a nice handmade feel. All soaps have beveled edges for the comfort of the user. Un-beveled edges can be sharp!

Handmade Soap Variety
We are able to make a large variety of soaps. We are happy to create a recipe specific to your business. Whatever we may do to help you please, contact us.

While we do offer a couple varieties of soaps containing dairy or honey (*these will be well noted), most of our soaps are Vegan Friendly, containg no animal products or bi-products. We strive to provide quality products for our vegan family and friends.

We typically use the following oils, but are not limited to these: palm oil, palm kernel oil, olive oil, rice oil, canola oil, soybean oil, coconut oil. We use fragrance oils as well as essential oils. Some soaps are naturally colored, colored with spices, botanicals or clays, and some use man-made oxides (natural oxides are not skin safe and no longer available). Distilled water or soy milk and sodium hydroxide are the catalyst.

For detailed information on a specific soap blend, please contact us.

Will you create a custom soap recipe specific for my business?
Absolutely! We love doing this type of thing! Just contact us with your specifications. We’ll research ingredient cost and come up with a customized recipe and cost specific to your business. (Ideas: Cater to the Hemp Lover; Gentle soap for young child; Specific to scent – own a site about Roses? We’ll custom make a Rose scented soap, just for your business.) Depending on ingredients there may be a cost increase.

No Competition
If you label your own soaps, or have us label with a custom to your business label, there is absolutely no competiton from us to you. You may sell your soaps for any price you wish and you customers won’t come to us for a cheaper price.

What is the minimum per purchase?
We know how hard it is to meet high minimums to provide stock for a shop. Because of this, we’ve lowered our wholesale minimum to 18 bars, with a minimum of 6 bars per soap fragrance or blend. Price will depend on labeling preferences.

What is the turn around time on wholesale orders?
This depends on what we have on stock at the time the order is placed. Some determining factors include, but are not limited to: soaps we already have in stock; supplies we have in stock and/or what we need to order; size of the order; time of year.

We will give you an estimated time-line and keep you up-to-date of our progress. All times are an estimate, though we strive to meet all deadlines on time, barring any family illness, or unforeseen incidents. We are a family of 6 and I just never know what may happen!

Once we establish a working relationship, you will we given a phone number as an additional means of communication.

When is payment due?
Order under $100 are required to pay in full at the time the order is placed*. Orders over $100 are required to pay 50% of sub-total* upon initial ordering.
*Shipping cost is separate and will be invoiced after the order is complete and ready to ship. Order will ship once the shipping cost has been paid.

What is the shipping cost?
We ship USPS Priority Mail. We charge actual shipping cost and it is determined on the size/weight of the order. This is unknown until the order is complete, packaged and ready to ship. We try to make use of USPS Flat Rate Priority Mail boxes whenever possible. The cost for shipping this way is currently $8.10. Insurance is extra and must be specified, as we don’t ask.

Do you offer refunds?
Unfortunately, due to the nature of our products, we do not offer refunds. We require partial, or full payment at the time of order, if you cancel your order prior to it being shipped, 50% of your sub-total will be refunded to you. Anything paid above that initial down-payment will be refunded. Exceptions may be made on an individual basis if order is cancelled prior to us making or ordering any extra supplies.

Exception: If we cancel the order, you will be refunded in full.

Handmade Soap FAQ’s

Q: I was given handmade soap as a gift. Is there any special care I need to take with it?
A: Handmade soap needs to be kept in a dry, cool, dark storage space to maximize it’s lifespan. When in use, make sure it has sufficient drainage, as water will literally wash the soap away. In other words, make sure it is able to dry out between uses.

Q: I made soap a few years ago, but your soap looks different than what I made.
A: My handmade soap is made from scratch, using oils, butters, liquid (distilled water or milk, typically) and sodium hydroxide. We use a process called Cold-Process to make our soap. It’s likely the soap you made was glycerin soap – chipped off of a block, melted and added fragrance and coloring, possibly botanicals; then poured into a mold. Many people like glycerin soap. Many glycerin soaps are very beautiful.

Q: How big is each soap and what is the cost?
A: Each soap weighs between 4.5 – 5 ounces, with some slightly more – any soaps which weigh less are set aside. At some point, they may be sold as “Ugly Soap” for a discounted price. They measure approximately 3.5″ x 2.25″ and just over an inch thick. Our individual handmade soaps are $6.00.

Q: How much soap do you keep on hand?
A: All our handmade soap is made in small batches, usually 8 pounds or less. Our soaps are made fresh for the season to ensure freshness and quality. Because of this, quantities are limited, however, we continue to make new batches. If you need to purchase a large amount of soap, please allow 4-6 weeks to process the order. Feel free to contact us for specifics.

Q: I am looking for a specific fragrance I previously purchased, but I don’t see it listed. Will you ever have it in stock again?
A: We try to make and keep on hand the most requested. If there is a fragrance, or non-fragrance, you’d like to purchase, contact us to let us know what you are looking for.

Q: What if a soap I order is already sold-out?
A: We do our best to keep the website updated, but it happens. Should a soap you ordered be out of stock, we will contact you with the date it will be available (usually only a couple weeks) or offer suggestions on replacement soaps. Or we will refund your money for that fragrance.

Q: Do you take special orders?
A: Absolutely! We love making soap, and am happy to fill special requests. Depending on the time of year and the soap requested, we may require a minimum quantity purchased. Inquiries are welcome – contact us.

Q: Would you do personalized labels for special occasions?
A: Yes, we do personlized labels, but require a small one-time, set-up fee. We would need to discuss the options. Some ideas for personalized labels: party favors, wedding gifts (brides maids), holiday gifts, new home purchases (realtors love these! It’s an alternative to the typical bottle of wine. ). Please contact us for more information.

Q: On one visit to your site, I saw “Ugly Soap” that was discounted. What exactly is that?
A: Periodically ugly soaps are available. These are generally soaps I’m just ready to get off the shelves. They are good soaps, possibly faded a bit, in both color and fragrance. Or maybe I’ve just made a new batch and I want to cycle through the older batches. Ugly soaps may be a bit thinner than our regular size bar, or may be not. Like our regular handmade soaps, our ugly soap requires a cool, dry storage space to maximize it’s life as well as proper drainage.

Prepare for New Baby with These Tried and True Items

Search the net and you’re sure to find list upon list of what you need for a new baby. Most of those lists go way overboard. Babies don’t usually need much at all. Here’s a list of what I found, through my own experiences, to be the most useful.


Plenty of t-shirts and sleepers. If you only want to do laundry every few days, figure around 4 tshirts, and 2 sleepers per day. This may be a bit more than necessary on most days, but there will always be the occasional day, or days, when baby is spitting up more than normal, or has messy blow-outs. You’ll appreciate the extra tees.

Diapers and Wipes

Disposables or Cloth. In todays internet world, you will find diapers and wipes in variety of styles, patterns and personalities. The options are even wider for cloth than they are for disposables, can you imagine? There are some really ingenious designs that make diapering a baby’s tush almost seem exciting! And the following within the cloth diaper community feels the same way. However, beware, you may end up needing to one day admit “My name is ___. And I’m a cloth diaper addict.”

Can’t talk yourself into cloth? No worries, the disposable diapers have come along way and while they aren’t soft natural cotton and wool, they do keep your baby dry and don’t leak.

How much of each? Only keep a couple jumbo packs of disposables on hand at a time. Babies grow so fast you aren’t always able to guage how soon they’ll be into the next size. Planning on using cloth? A dozen or two dozen would probably be a good start. What I’ve seen is cloth diapers are an addictive thing and you may end up with wonderful cloth diapers coming out your ears! Wipes? I always buy by the package and sometimes by the box. Making your own? A yard of flannel or fleece would probably yeild a good start.


Receiving blanket. Those itty bitty blankets you wrap a newborn in, but after the first month aren’t good for much baby wrapping. But if you, like most women, end up with a few dozen of them, they make great lap pads, burp pads, and for mom, use them to wrap your hair when you get out of the shower – they are light-weight so they don’t fall over when you are tending to baby, or use them as a nursing pad when you are bra-less. They work just fine. They may also be used when baby is going bare – to catch any accidents.

On the other hand, a couple of really nice, kid-sized blankets are must have!

Sling or Carrier

The online mothering community has been inundated with every type of baby sling and carrier you could imagine, and then some! Padded to unpadded slings, pouches, wraps and carriers. These, like cloth diapers, may lead to addiction, tread with caution! But a good carrier is a must have. You even see mothers in the public eye touting their babes in slings nowadays. It’s no longer alternative, having paved a path into mainstream.

Structured carriers are great too. Do some research and where possible, give one a test run. Some communities offer baby wearing classes and have slings you can test. Some online shops will even send you a used sling to try, reserving cost on your credit card – then applied back when you return the carrier.

Sleeping Area

Co-sleeping has become more commonplace practice, but it isn’t always for everyone. Not to mention, some moms, even the attachment parenting mom would like a place to lay baby. Some ideas include a bassinet or cradle, a travel crib, a moses basket, or many others. This is something you may need to experiment with to find the best fit for you and the baby. Different stages of babyhood may require some changes.

Pad an out of the walk-way area of the floor with a couple receiving blankets and make a little nest for baby to lay. No extra expense.


Car Seat

Unless you live in a walking/biking community, chances are you’ll need a carseat. For safety’s sake, do your research on this one. An infant seat is nice when you can take it in and out of the car easily while baby sleeps, but any secure, up-to-date infant approved carseat is great, necessary! Also, take note that not all car seats fit all cars.



Most mothers who “wear” their babies say you don’t need a stroller. Strollers don’t have to recieve use directly from the baby to be useful. It comes in handy to carry coats and jackets, drinks, purse or diaper bag, extra diapers, change of clothes, not to mention any purchased items on your outing. As an added benefit, it leaves mom pretty hands free – you get really good at pushing a stroller with one hand! If you opt for a stroller, choose one that has drink carriers.

Bouncy Seat

A bouncy seat comes in handy so often, that while I’d classify it as “optional”, for myself, it was necessary. I loved our bouncy seat as much as baby enjoyed it. I carried it everywhere with me, to the bathroom for instance. It was a great baby holder while I took care of bathroom duties, did the dishes and cooked dinner. Baby and I would sing, talk and play while I got chores done.

Diaper Bag

Any bag with a couple pockets works well. The younger the baby, the bigger the bag needed. As baby grows and has less accidents (i.e. spit up, bottom blow-outs), you’ll get more efficient at packing just what you may need. Don’t go overboard on a diaper bag with all the frills. A nice canvas bag, decorated by you and siblings, works just as well. Toss in a couple gallon-sized baggies for messes, a couple of receiving blankets for padding and you’re good to go!

Judi Cox is a work at home mom living in the Ohio Valley with her husband and 4 children. Judi’s interests include working websites (two of her websites http://www.momslittlegarden.com and http://www.mommamuse.com).  She enjoys gardening for fun and for the birds, playing with the kids, reading, and promoting other mom businesses.

You will find this and more of my articles listed on Google Base – Judi Cox.

6 Ways to Memorialize Your Pregnancy

As featured on Mom’s Little Garden

Nine months of pregnancy seems an eternity when you get that little pink positive on the test stick. In this day and age, we no longer have to wait until we start having symptoms of pregnancy, which can start as late as 8 or 10 weeks for some. Instead, we have pregnancy tests that will determine a positive just days after conception. This can make the pregnancy journey seem even longer!

While you are growing, suffering morning sickness and anxiously awaiting the new addition to the family, here are a few ways to memorialize your pregnancy; both for yourself and to pass along to the child in the future.

Write It

If you don’t already, now is a great time to take up journaling. A hardback journal to write would give you the option of writing any time, while eating breakfast, in bed, or in a waiting room. Picking out the book could be a special in itself, as you will be picking something that touches you. If your penmenship is not something you particularly want to share, journaling online offers a wide variety of options. Generally called “blogging”, a web log has been a popular method of writing thoughts, opinions and sharing knowledge with others. There are many blog communities, each offering different perks. Some provide private post options, so your posts are viewable to the general public, only to those you allow. Some allow categories, giving you the option of writing about things other than just your pregnancy. Others still, are aimed just at moms or pregnant moms. Take a look around and find one that has a good feel for you.

Pregnant Belly, Say Cheese

Take monthy pregnant belly pictures. Start at the beginning, or as soon as you are able. There may not be much of a baby belly at 8 weeks along, but when you have a whole pregnancy worth of belly shots, you’ll have fun looking at where you started and where you ended!

Some tips for taking monthy belly pictures: Be consistent. Stand the same way, by the same wall or door (or similar). Wear similar clothing (like a pair of sweatpants that you can wear almost throughout). Show bare belly, or wear a shirt – or do one of each every time. The more consistent you are, the more obvious the pregnancy changes when looking back.

Studio Pictures

You’ve got the digital camera taking your own pregnant belly pictures, but a professional photogragher will make some beautiful pictures for your baby belly book. Consider including siblings, if any, your partner, and take pregnancy pictures that aren’t so “traditional”. Strip down and wrap up in white robe, or guaze – with a dark background, this is beautiful. Siblings touching or kissing baby belly makes for a touching moment. And your partners hands on your belly, speak love. Of course, studio pictures are best towards the end of pregnancy, but don’t wait too long either!

Some studios specialize in pregnancy and newborn pictures – check your phone book or ask around.

Belly Cast It

Belly Cast, or Belly Mask, has become a popular method of preserving pregnant bellies. Belly Cast kits are inexpensive and easy to find, particularly online. They are easy to do, but don’t try to do a belly cast yourself! You will definitely need another set of hand and sometimes an extra set is helpful. No baby belly inhibitions? Make a party of it! Invite your girlfriends over for some messy fun. In the end, you have a plaster cast of your belly to decorate, hang on the wall or sit on a shelf.

Decorated Belly

Women are becoming more willing to bare their pregnant bellies. Decorating your baby belly is a fun way to show it off. Wear it around the house, or out in public. Make a party of it, or do it yourself. But don’t forget to take pictures!

Semi-permanant belly decoration – Henna is a type of skin dye that will essentially “stain” the skin, essentially, a non-permanant tattoo. Women have been using henna for years and years. Henna kits are widely available. A simple design or something elaborate – it’s all up to you! Do be careful in the sun with a henna’d baby belly. Your skin may tan and when the henna wears off in a week or more, you may end up with a reversed belly tattoo.

Paint it and wash it – Skin safe paints are a great just for fun project to do with siblings. Get into some comfy clothes, get a glass of water, juice or your pregnancy tea and sit back. Let the kids paint. Don’t forget to Take Pictures!

Belly Pillow

Whew! The pregnancy is over, or close to it. Grab your favorite maternity top, your sewing machine and some good stuffing. Sew that shirt into a pillow; square, round, or just sew up all the openings and leave it full size! This is a great momento to pass along to the baby. Do it for each pregnancy and each child will have their very own “moms favorite maternity shirt pillow”.

Regardless of how much you do to memorialize your pregnancy, enjoy as much of it as you are able to. Those nine months, though they seem long while you are counting the days, when looking back, it’s just a snippet in time.

Judi Cox is a work at home mom living in the Ohio Valley with her husband and 4 children. Judi’s interests include working websites (two of her websites http://www.momslittlegarden.com and http://www.mommamuse.com). She enjoys gardening for fun and for the birds, playing with the kids, reading, and promoting other mom businesses.

You will find this and more of my articles listed on Google Base – Judi Cox.

Site Traffic – unique visitors vs. page views

Your Website Traffic – Unique Visitors vs. Page ViewsWeb statistics can be as confusing at first, as they are informative. As a business owner, when it comes to advertising, it’s important to know website stats. Here’s some basic information to differentiate unique visitors and visitors, page views and hits.

Advertisers and Advertising

Advertising is an important and necessary way to get new and even established businesses seen. Deciding who to advertise with can make a difference. When offering advertising space, or considering the purchase ad space from someone else, it’s important for both parties to be aware of the unique visitors, visitors and page views for a specific amount of time (this is usually shown in months, but daily is important to consider in some cases). This gives both businesses an idea of whether it’s worth paying or charging for advertising on a site. Below are the site statistics to pay attention to:

Unique Visitor

A unique visitor is a unique IP address that has made at least one hit on one page of the web site during a certain period of time. If this visitor makes more than one visit during this period of time, it is counted only once as a unique visit.
*Basically, if I visit your site 1 time today, I am counted as a unique visitor. If I come back to your site 10 more times today, my visits are counted as 1 unique visit and 10 visitors.
(For more search this: define:Unique Visitor )


A visitor is also known as a session or a user session. It is the total number of people who access a website over a certain period of time. Unlike unique visitors which is a net number, a visitor is a gross number. This means two “sessions” by a single user would count as two visitors.
*Basically, if I visit your site 5 times today, I am counted as 1 unique visitor and then as 5 visitors for the day.
(For more search this: define:Visitor )

Page Views

The number of times a particular web page is requested from a Web host’s server and delivered to a users browser. The number of page views delivered across an entire website can be used to demonstrate the volume of traffic a website receives.
*Basically, this tells you how many pages are being viewed by your visitors.
(For more search this: define:page view)


This generally means ALL requests from a webserver including requests by a web browser for html pages, jpeg’s, gif’s and other images. Hits is a phrase often thrown around but is generally not very meaningful in quantitfying search engine traffic.
*Hits count every single thing on your page that loads. It’s not an accurate measure of anything worthwhile.
(For more search this: define:hits)

Website Owner Offering Advertising

If you are a website owner and wish to offer advertising to others, be thoughtful. Traffic may be a relative thing; think about if YOU would pay to advertise on a site that has that much or that little traffic.

While this information applies to your website stats, you can also put this to general use with Newsletters. If you only have 10 newsletter subscribers, you probably shouldn’t charge for advertising space. On the other hand, you may be able to charge a small fee if your subscriber list is a few hundred and then accordingly as your subscriber list grows.

Business Owner Looking to Advertise

If you are considering paying your hard-earned money to advertise on another site, be informed. If a specific website hasn’t volunteered their stat information, don’t be shy about asking. You work hard for your money and you should have a good idea of what you are getting. You probably don’t want to pay for a month of advertising when the website you are advertising on only gets 40 visitors a day. Same is to be said for newsletter advertising. If the business offering ad space in their newsletter doesn’t provide the number of subscribers on their list, Ask for it. Then decide for yourself if it’s worth the cost.

Free Traffic Statistic Programs

If you don’t have a traffic statistic program on for your site and you want one, do a search for: Free Traffic Stats. You’ll find several options. Once you sign up for a program you typically only need to add a bit of coding to your site for it to begin working. But before you choose one program over another, here is something to consider:

If you own a website business, counters don’t look very professional. If the stat program you are considering requires you to use a visible counter on your site, opt to keep looking. There are programs that do not require a visible counter.

Consider this: If you visit a site, where you are thinking of placing an order, will you order if a) you don’t know them, b) their counter says 115th visitor ?

Or, on the other hand, what if there counter is a HUGE number – it’s probably counting every single page load and that’s not an accurate count of visitors.

Both of these scenarios raise a red flag, or at least, a yellow one.. There are so many sites are out there, just keep searching.

In Conclusion, it pays to know and understand your website statistics.

Judi Cox is a work at home mom living in the Ohio Valley with her husband and 4 children. Judi’s current online interests include working on two of her websites Mom’s Little Garden and Momma Muse.

Button and Banner standards

This information is for anyone who uses and/or makes buttons and banners for advertising in particular.

*It is important, considerate, to take into account the standard sizes when offering advertising space, or button-making services.*

Here is a site that gives the standard sizes in advertising images (not listed, but VERY standard is the 120×60) http://www.bannercreator.nu/banner-size.html – For those that need cheap, there is also a free button creator on this site.

The most common size buttons you will come across particularly working with other wahms, or similar:
88×31 – this is a micro button and very small, but some sites like to use them.
120×60 – this is a very standard size – take a look at what mothering.comcharges for a month for this size!)
125×125 – just a square button
234×60 – this is a half-banner, used, but not that much.
468×60 – this is a standard banner size.

The other sizes you come across are: the letterhead, which spans the width of the site 728 x 90; and skyscrapers that typically come in 120×600 or 160×600. There are other sizes that are used, but they are not as common among the work at home communities.

New to all of this? While you are surfing around and you are curious what size something it, right click on it and choose properties from the menu.. there it will tell you the size in pixels. (what’s a pixel? One little dot on your computer screen is a pixel – so you screen is made up of milllions of them!). Nothing come up when you right-click? Keep surfing, on to another site to check it out (it probably has “no right-click” enabled – that is another topic).

One last thing to mention. If you are making advertising images, or need them made, consider the look and feel of the image… the whole reason you are advertising is to get visitors to your site – successful business is dependant on traffic! If your image doesn’t have appeal, you won’t lure visitors to your site. Your image needs to stand up and out and say “HEY, LOOK at me!”

Here’s an example:
This banner is just a quickie I threw together.. I had no “inspiration”, just needed it quick. It was suitable, but didn’t Speak to anyone:

Then, I made this one (hey, I’m not claiming to be a graphic artist, far from it! ha!!). However, I know that in comparison to the other one, this
one does reach out:

.gif or .jpg What’s the difference?

Hey… been looking at sites today.

I bet you know that .gif or .jpg formating is what we use for images on the web.. but do you know why you use each one?

Very simply.. .jpg is used for pictures (or scanned drawings), .gif is used for wording (fonts, straight lines) – notice, if you have images of words and saved them as .jpg, you’ll see they are blurry around the edges. Instead, save those as a .gif and you save your
nice sharp, clean lines.

.jpg for busy pictures (lots of color and shades, allows for blending)
.gif for wording (keep those lines clean)


I was reminded that .gif is also used for animations.

With or Without www?

Did you know that search engines view these as two different sites?

You may eventually even be penalized for “duplicate content”.

– Make sure all the links within your site are done one way OR the other.
– When you submit your site for a link exchange, make sure you use the same one consistently.
– Make sure all your profiles, signatures and any other place you leave your mark is consistent also.

If you can get into your htaccess file, point your files to look at your site one way or the other. Sometimes a simple redirect will work. For others, a mod Rewrite is necessary.

Back up your files before you make any changes. Nothing like goofing something up and not knowing how to fix it!

Don’t know how to do it? Ask your web designer for help. If they don’t know, but know enough to design sites, they should easily be able to find
the information and help you fix it. This may not be part of their regular fee, though they should know html and how your pages are put together.

To cover my own tush, this is information I only recently learned. I thought it something worth passing along. If you are concerned about your
own site, definitely do some research to decide if this is something you need to change.

In answer to the question, what is the penalty?
Google penalized a concrete number, but according to this blog entry, specifics aren’t given:

I googled the term “duplicate content penalized”

Or “What is duplicate content”

If this doesn’t help try google’ing (or using your personal favorite search engine) and I’m sure you’ll find something that explains what it is, how long of a penalty you may recieve, how to tell if you have duplicate content and what to do about it.