Hot Topic – Speak Up

Hot Topic

Today, I loaded up the van with the kids and off we went to the mall. Em wanted to do some shopping at Hot Topic and we wanted pretzels for Auntie Anne’s (bad mommy moment, as pretzels ended up being lunch).

Hot Topic was having a sale on their undies. Cas was excited so she was going to get some things with her birthday money. I ended up leaving with the two little ones.

Get a call a bit later from Cas saying the woman wouldn’t give her the sale price and then wouldn’t cash a $100 bill… well, it was only 11:45a.m so I figured they probably didn’t want to use up their change… but why wouldn’t they give her the sale price? I headed back down to find out what was up.

First, Cas didn’t say anything to the cashier about them being on sale. She thought they looked over and saw the sign. I don’t really know for sure.

When I asked the woman who the manager was, she told me it didn’t matter anyway, because she put in her 2 week notice already. Ummm… ok.. nice answer. I did get the managers name and did talk to her tonight. I didn’t expect anything from it, just to point out how rude it the whole thing was.

I’ll be using this opportunity to talk to both girls about sale prices. I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve had to retrieve a sign showing sale prices because the cashier wouldn’t go look herself. One lady got mad at me because I took the sign down and brought it her… but I’m not giving up a good deal because of their laziness.

Watch your receipts, watch the register ring up and don’t be shy. Speak up!


This is what Ryland, our 18 month old, dialed on the phone today. Imagine my husbands surprise when the phone rings and it’s the Sheriff. Ry actually answered the phone, but Bob took it from him to find out who called. Whoa! Bob explained that our son had the phone, unbeknownst to us. Whoops.

Of course, a short time later, we introduced the police officer to Ry. “Ry, come meet the person you called on the phone, hunnny.”

It was a much more understanding situation than the last time 911 was dialed from our home. It was only a year or two ago. I was napping in the bedroom with Tege. The girls were watching tv in the livingroom. Apparently, Cassie was “annoying” Emily and so Emily called 911. She hung-up before talking to anyone, but not before the phone rang into their system.

While it wasn’t really funny… it sort of was. Em was certainly old enough to know better, but obviously, not really. The police officer was definitely not happy about it. I was so embarrassed, but I think Em was too.

Now that I think about it, several months ago, we switched our phone service to digital. One of the things our phone company told us was that we would not have the 9-1-1 service. I was assured by the digital company that yes, we would have it (but not in a power outage, which, with only cordless phones, we wouldn’t have regardless). I’d say a-yup, we have 911 service.

Birth, a first child

In October 1990, my first daughter was born. I wrote her story for the first time, today. A birthday gift for her and for myself. Probably needs some tweaking, but it’s there. Cassie, the first birth.

I shared the story with a few friends. One said the birth sounded like it was from the 50’s and not the 90’s. It felt that way too. But in the end, a beautiful, curly, dark haired, blue eyed little baby girl, just as perfect as could be, was cradled in my arms. And that was all that mattered.