We’ve had so little rain this summer. We are finally getting another little storm. We had some of Katrina’s rain last week…. but not enough to do much of anything. Sad that others had so much, and the damage it did. 🙁

Life has been busy here. School started for Cas last week. Two days into it, she decided she really didn’t want to go to public school. She’s now ready to come back home. But the deal was, she goes a full quarter. It’s going to be a long 7 more weeks. Honestly, she wouldn’t mind it at all, if it weren’t for the hours. She told me the other day it wouldn’t be so bad if she only had to get up that early once week – ha! Of course, the standand reply from most people is that she has to get ready for the “real world”.. but the real world I live in, you can choose.. do I want an afternoon job, a night job, or do I want to get up out the door by 7 every morning? It amazes me what people think you must do to prepare for real life. I think it’s a learned response. Something we’ve been taught to believe. Ah well.

Em has been using an online charter school – well, we did it last year. This year, they’ve stepped on my toes and screwed around so much, we are pulling out of that and going back to our own homeschooling. I think it will be ok. She’s doing a lot of reading lately and I love that. She just read Eragon and is now working on Eldest. She has always liked dragons. Last year she received a book called Dragonology for a gift. She likes the language – and I had hoped she’d learn the whole thing, but I guess it’s hard when it’s just you learning it. 🙂

I want to post more.. so much to write about. This is my test message though. I just switched everything over to a new server, new format. Now I just need to work the kinks out.