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Another Barbell

Cassie and I ordered new barbells for our tongues this week. They came in the mail yesterday. We started out with 14 gauge. I guess pretty standard for tongues. Cassie has been wearing a 12 for a few weeks. I was able to put 2 – 14 gauge barbells through mine, so was sure a 12 would work. Based on this, we each ordered a 10 gauge and an 8 gauge. Cassie’s 10 wouldn’t go in at all and mine would go in halfway.

Ugh…. What to do now.

We decided to go to the piercer and have them taper them in…. oh boy. Sounds like fun. So we headed to our regular guys, but they were super busy, so we bi-passed their parking lot and headed out to a different place.

I’ve wanted to check out this other place anyway, as they are the only ones in the area that I know of with a female piercer. Not usually an issue, but I want to get a new one that Bob is only agreeable to if he is there. Since that’s not an easy thing to accomplish without the boys, I found a female piercer to make it less of an issue. Haven’t met or talked to her yet.

It was a nice place; clean, professional. But the guy running things seemed to be pretty cocky and not generally someone I am much impressed with. They discouraged the tapering of the tongues, because we thought it had only been 5 weeks or so since it’d been done…. (turned out it was more like 8) they suggest waiting 9 weeks, but would do it if we *really* wanted them to. We opted to wait.

But I’ve been eyeing a philtrum (aka a medusa) and decided against it… instead a Monroe – Bob liked those better anyway. While there anyway, I had them do it. What a mess it turned in to. I wasn’t impressed with the wait to get it done, with his “bed-side” manner. Not that he was terrible, but like I said, just had this cocky attitude. His apprentice had marked it and he moved it to a better spot, which I was happy about.

He put the needle in place, and while I’m feeling just the tip of it poking me, he then tells me he’s going to do it… and then it’s done. It was very simple with only a little pinch and very quick. I was expecting worse. Ahhh… but then he couldn’t get the ball to go screw on. He tried and tried, then told his apprentice to get a different barbell out. The ball is bigger, but the post is shorter (glad about that too as the first was long). So he takes out the barbell and uses a taper to get the new one back in. I felt pretty abused, but really it wasn’t terrible at all.

Here it is, just a few hours after being done:
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

And another with Ry:
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

After all is said and done, he didn’t give me any after-care instructions, didn’t make sure his apprentice did either. He was very quick to tell us what he thought of the place we’d been going to (not good)… and that sat wrong with me. My feeling is a business may build itself up, but you should never badmouth your competitors. It doesn’t look good at all.

This morning it looks and feels fine. But I haven’t bumped it yet either, lol.