Letter to an Old Friend

Dear Old Friend,

I drove by your old neighborhood a few weeks ago, as I’ve done hundreds of times. This time though, you popped into my head. I had to smile.. Another drive that direction, a couple days later, brought you back to mind.. and I thought how strange, that we’d live in the same city for who knows how long and we’d probably never run in to each other. And, how strange that you would come to mind, a few times, in such a short time.

Imagine my surprise, when just a week later, I see you coming in the door of the cafe.. I wasn’t sure, was it you? But yes, of course it was you.. I knew it. And I know you knew who I was too. I wanted to sink into the floor when they called my name for my food and you were standing right there. If I had any doubt as to whether you knew it was me or not, it was gone then. *laughs*

I’m not sure why I didn’t say hi. I was playing the coward. But you looked so… unhappy. Not in a good place. Maybe it was my excuse for not saying hello. But you didn’t look approachable.

Sitting there, you leaving.. I quickly googled on my phone and found you’re going through a divorce. I can say I’m sorry, for what little good it will do, but I am. Very sorry. (and no.. don’t think I’m weird for googling, it’s so normal, I google everything)

Again, you’re stuck in my head, but not in a little corner, now you’re stuck there, in the front and I’m feeling like such a heel for not saying Hi. I thought, maybe I could send you a card.. which, if you knew me now, you’d know I *never* send cards. But still, I could, and include a letter.. and so then I think about all the things I’d like to say. But, I can’t do that either. You didn’t speak to me as much as I didn’t speak to you. So, maybe you don’t want to talk to me.. that’s ok. I’ll write the letter here. Maybe, one day, you’ll stumble across it.. probably not, but I think it’d be nice if you did.

All this plays out in my head over a couple of days. And then, last night, I get a text from another old, mutual, friend. She wanted to know something mundane, but at this point, I’m really feeling like something was missed, because this friend.. I never talk to her.. we don’t talk on the phone, or text, or email and yet, within days of having seen you, I hear from her. It felt so strange. Honestly, as silly as it sounds saying it ‘out loud’, it felt like I was suppose to have had that opportunity… and I missed it.

So now, what I want to tell you is how you have always held a special place in my heart. I think back to times long gone, and I remember that in a small, simple way, you gave me strength I so desperately needed to move past a bad relationship, and forward. And how thankful I feel for those moments.

I wish I could say a few words and give you strength, courage, hope.. something to make things just a little bit better. Know this.. things do get easier. I wish I could give you a hug, talk about old times over a cup of coffee.

I wish I could go back to a few days ago, just so I could say Hi..


PS… I just remembered this today. I wasn’t even suppose to be at that cafe. Normally we meet at a coffee shop. Friends I was meeting up with wanted to get dinner first.. I went to the wrong location.

Derecho Blows Through

June 2012 Derecho (day-ray-cho) a surprise wind storm blew through, knocking down trees and power lines. In it’s wake, millions of people were without power.

I had been watching the radar.. and the storm coming in looked bad. When I heard a roaring sound out front, I thought it was the wall of rain coming towards us. When I went to the window, there was no rain (yet). It was like a train of wind blowing through the area. With that first gust, our power shut down. It was weird, not like a transformer blowing – although, looking back, I’m not sure we’d have been able to hear one blow anyway, but more like a quiet light switch, turning the whole house off.

Part of what made this power outage so difficult is the heat wave that has been baking the area (and much of the US). It has been so hot that even the air conditioners struggle to blow out cool air, much less cold to cool a room or house. I’ve been opening the house up at night and placing fans in windows to bring in the cooler night air.. then shutting things up again during the day, putting blankets on windows to keep the cooler air in. Unfortunately, even that isn’t helping much.

In 2008, when hurricane Ike became an extratropical hurricane and collided with an adjacent front, it hit us hard leaving over 8 million without power in the midwest. The weather during the Ike outage, was mild and comfortable making it much easier to cope.

We had such a mild winter and an early spring – our spring was like the first days of summer, I think everyone expected a harsh summer… but this one… this year, it’s brutal.

I think I need to find an air conditioned coffee house to hang out in the cool air conditioned air.

Oil Cleansing Method – OCM

The Oil Cleansing Method of facial wash, is a healthy and natural alternative to washing with soaps or facial cleansers.

There is already a lot of information out there on this method of washing your face, so maybe you’ve already read about and are just looking for more support.  I like to read several articles on something before I try it, because everyone has their own reasons, their own method and process.

This year, 2012, brings with it my 42nd birthday.  And while I hit my 40’s happy, I can say I’ve never been happy with my skin.  I’ve always battled breakout and redness.  I’m now noticing my skin is getting thin, and fine lines.  I’ve used my own handmade soap on my skin for years, but I think it’s time to change my routine for my face.  Here’s where OCM comes in to play.

This method calls for simple ingredients which you should be able to easily find at your grocery or drug store.

  • Olive Oil
  • Castor Oil
  • Essential Oil

Olive Oil, it’s good for all skin types, but don’t feel limited to this one oil.  There are plenty of other oils that are easy to get, but will help target problems, like dry or oily skin.

Castor Oil – this helps clean and dissolve dirty oils on your skin – but can be drying so you’ll want to use more or less, depending on your skin type ( oily skin = use up to 30%, dry skin = use 10% or less).

Essential Oil – this isn’t necessary, but I had Lavender oil and Patchouli oil on hand, so I made two small bottles 1 of each eo.

Bottle it up: I had plastic bottles from my days of lotion making, but any jar or small container with a lid will work.

  • 3/4 Olive Oil
  • 1/4 Castor Oil
  • 1/4 – 1/2 teaspoon EO

How to Wash your face with Oils:  You need a nice washcloth and hot water (running, so it’s clean).  I wet my face out of habit, then pour the mixed oils in my palm to equal the size of a quarter or so (more or less, no big deal).  Rub the oils together between your hands to warm the oils, then rub on your face.

Pay attention to any problem areas, rubbing and rubbing.

Side note:  This is a great time to get in a pep talk to your body.  While I’ve always sort of done this, I had it put into words when my sister came home from France recently.  On her long trip on the plane, she did some knitting, but most inspirational to me is her writing in her journal – she wrote to her body, telling it she was sorry for all the things she done wrong, and what she plans to do better.  So, get in a chat with your face.. you’ve likely put some nasty stuff on your face over the years.

Once this is done, turn your hot water back on and get your cloth wet.  First thing I did was lay the cloth against my face and let the hot moisture open my pores.  Then I rinsed the cloth again and gently rubbed away the oils – and I visualized wiping away the dirty oils.

Rinse a few times with water as hot as you can stand it (this helps break up the dirties and wipe them away), until you feel you’ve gotten most of the oils off your skin.  Pat dry, gently.  You may or may not need extra moisturizer.  Today, I chose not to use any – I’m mostly curious how my skin will respond to the oils only.  It’s winter, as I write this, so my feelings on this may change depending on the weather.

One down side to this method is your skin might go into a panic the first few weeks, much like it does when you stop using store-bought shampoo.  It’s ok.  Give it a couple of weeks to get use to this new gentle method.. but in the meantime, you may be faced with more breakouts than usual – they should clear up after a few weeks.   No fun, I know, but all things good usually come with a little discomfort to start out.

How the Oil Cleansing Method works:  Well, others have explained it sooo well (Crunchy Betty and Simple Mom), that I don’t think I could do better, but essentially, Oils clean oils.. the Oils in this mixture, are warmed on your skin and cleanse away the dirty oils, leaving soft clean skin behind.   Simple Mom does a good job explaining the hows and whys it works, while Crunchy Betty gives a list of oils to use, ratios and some why’s as well.

Grilled Veggies with Cheese in a Pita pocket

I’d forgotten about this recipe.. it’s so tasty, too. Will make soon and add pictures.

Found this recipe in the Better Homes and Gardens June 2008 edition.

I am not a real big fan of onions – they just don’t agree with me, but there are other veggies I’ll happily add to this recipe and I don’t think the onions will be missed. In any case, here is the recipe, from the magazine.. add to it, take away, exchange… do whatever to make it work to your taste.

1 8 oz block feta cheese, quartered
1 medium zucchini, halved lengthwise
1 medium red onion, cut into 1/2″ slices [1. Instead of onions, I’ll add avocado and maybe some asparagus.]
1/4 cup italian salad dressing
4 pita bread rounds
2 medium tomatoes, cut in wedges
1 Tbsp. honey [2. I wasn’t so sure about the honey… but thinking about it, I bet it softens the italian dressing just enough and makes it that much better.]

First, drizzle cheese, zucchini, and onion slices with half the salad dressing. Sprinkle with salt and pepper.

On rack of grill place zucchini, onion slices, and a 6-inch sast-iron skillet (use the skillet to soften the cheese) directly over medium heat. Grill zucchini and onion for 9 minutes or until tender, turning once halfway through cooking time. Remove vegetables.

Grill pita bread and tomatoes on grill rack for 2 minutes or until bread is toasted and tomatoes are lightly charred. Place cheese in hot skillet; heat for 1 to 2 minutes to soften.

To serve, cut zucchini in chunks. Drizzle cheese, vegetables, pitas and tomatoes with honey and remaining salad dressing.

The No ‘Poo (no shampoo) Decision and Recipes

A couple of years ago, I came across a couple of posts about the “no ‘poo” method of washing hair. It sounded like something I’d do, but at the time, life was really heavy on me… But just a few months ago, I came across those few posts again. I did a few more searches and made a mental note to pick up a couple of containers and my own jug of Apple Cider Vinegar the next time I went to the store.

Since you are here, reading, you’ve likely already decided you have some interest in this method, so I’m not going to go into all the gritty details of why this method is good, or better. We know we’re surrounded in life with chemicals, shampoo and conditioner are no different. Read on for the basics.

No ‘Poo is just a way of cleaning your hair without the harmful chemicals found in most shampoos and conditioners. It’s cheap.. er, frugal and easy, so set aside your bottles of shampoo and conditioner (really, you can always go back to it, should this no shampoo method not work for you – don’t sweat it and don’t pitch the bottles yet.) and gather up a few simple ingredients. Here are a few things you will want.

Ingredients for the No ‘Poo, no shampoo method of washing your hair:

One or Two containers that are easy to mix, easy to pour. You may dedicate a specific bottle (or two), or you might just want to use a large cup.

You’ll want a spoon or scoop of some sort – I just use an old spoon, like the small spoon that would come in silverware set. I think I’ll switch to a tea-spoon for the longer handle (but keeping the smaller scoop of the spoon).

A box of Baking Soda. You could put this in a pretty jar, or just leave it…. eh..

A jug of Apple Cider Vinegar (if you are collecting articles about this method, you’ll frequently seen this as ACV)

There’s your basics. Easy peas-y.

Long Hair
This is not a picture of the no 'poo method, just long hair.

I use two rubber maid bottles. I rinse them after each use, so my next shower, I can use either bottle for whichever step. Sometimes, I just use one bottle. It’s no big deal.

Before my shower, while the bathroom are water are heating up, I put about 2 rounded teaspoons (not an exact, just “about”) into one container. In the shower, I fill it with about 2 or 2 1/2 cups of water – give a shake.

I have found I prefer to put this solution on my head before I wet my hair. This way I get most on my roots, rather than on the hair length since it can be drying. Turning my head this way and that, I get it on all my scalp, rubbing it gently with my fingertips (not my nails). Rub gently, don’t scrub.

I leave this on while I rinse the bottle. I use about the same amount of ACV as I do Baking Soda, but I just “splash” it into the bottle or cup, then add about 2 or 2 1/2 cups of water. This, I pour over all my hair as it acts as a conditioner, but importantly, it balances the ph of your hair and scalp – so don’t skip this.

The Apple Cider Vinegar does have a light smell while your hair is still wet, but once dry, you don’t smell it. This is all well and good, but I do smell it if I get hot and sweaty… and I don’t like it. I love vinegar in salads and on sandwiches, it definitely has its place in household cleaning and laundry, but I swear, the only thing that comes to mind when I smell it, is coloring Easter eggs… and really, just gross. But, I found a way to combat this negative side effect…

Instead of using plain water to add to your vinegar rinse, I made a strong tea. My plan is to keep tea bags I’ve used for making pitcher of iced tea, and throw them in a gallon jug of water. Over time, they’ll steep. You could also do this with different herbs (lavender quickly comes to mind) and essential oils. One drawback to essentials oils, however, is they are an oil – they don’t mix with water – so you’ll need to make sure you shake your mixture well before using. Then use this water with your splash of ACV and you don’t smell the vinegar (little, if at all) even while it’s wet.

I’ve been using this method for a couple of months now and not only do I like how it makes my hair feel, I am enjoying it.

Just a few notes to add. If you have been reading articles, you’ll know you may have an adjustment period for your hair since it’s use to having to over-produce oils to help moisturize your hair (shampoos and conditioners (certain ones) strip your hair of its natural oils, while others coat it with a barrier that keeps it from getting moisturized naturally. You really don’t need to wash your hair every day, so gradually lengthen the time between washes. I typically wash my hair every five to six days, and it really is good up until that last day – when it feels dirty, but still doesn’t look it.

Where are you with this no ‘poo method? Have you just come across it, and are researching, or have you been doing it for awhile? I’d love to hear your experiences, and even additives to the recipe(s).

Beginning Knitting – my projects

A few months ago, I started meeting a friend at a local coffee shop with a knitting group. It was nice to start routinely going out again, even if just for an afternoon once a week. Since I didn’t knit, and really had no interest in starting.. I mean, I’d tried several years ago, and though I love the look, I determined it was just too complicated for me to bother with.

Instead, I took other projects along. One day I cut out patterns for doll clothes, or tiny stuffed animals for doll toys – these were for my ball-joint dolls I’ve been collecting. I took some wool roving, felting needle and piece of foam to play with another day. Still another day, I took pieces of long fur material, the size of a note card and made little wigs for my dolls. I could have taken a crochet project, but really hadn’t been in the mood to crochet yet another scarf. Scarves and wash clothes seemed about all I had ever really made.

One day, another knitter brought a sweater she was knitting for her nephew (I think it was). It was a natural color, like a sandy, natural off-white, brownish color (yeah, I’m sure there is a name for it, but I’m totally drawing a blank on it. On the front, she’s knitted (or maybe it’s cabled) 3 owls. It was adorable, and I could so envision making something similar for my granddaughter. I was in awe… and told the ladies that was the project that was going to make me want to knit. I wasn’t kidding.

I went home and over the next week, I bought small circular knitting needles, went through all the patterns on ravelry, and settled on a dress for my dolls. Over the coming couple of weeks, I made two dresses, and a few others that were ok, but not my favorites.

I then found a pattern for a shawl. I thought that’d be wonderful. Many times the coffee shop we meet at is chilly in the evenings, other times, I run in the grocery in shorts and a tank top, only to come out shivering and numb because the grocery is just so cold. A shawl kept in my bag would be perfect.

I started with a pattern that was simple for me to understand, and was so easy it makes for a good group project – in that I can knit this pattern, while I chat and not worry too much about mistakes. It’s called the One-Skein Shawl – find it on ravelry.com, or knittersreview.com.

After knitting the body, I was ready to do the border. Here I got stumped. Today, I finally figured it out – not that I did on my own by any means, but the people on the ravelry forum were great at helping me out. It took them figuring out my thinking, rather than the pattern, though.

I wrote an email to a friend giving her an update. Rather than rewrite it here.. I’ll just share the email. I hope you get a good chuckle from my confusion.

I thought I’d update you on my issues with the shawl border.

In the pattern when I got to the amount of stitches I was suppose to have on the needle, it said that it was now time to add the border to the bottom. This didn’t make any sense to me, since I was working from the bottom up… to me, it meant adding border to the top, which I didn’t want.

I went to the pattern’s [forum] page on ravelry, and asked about it. I got two responses that told me yes, the pattern was correct and to just keep going and I’d be fine. Still not understanding the why’s of this, I decided I’d run over to FiberWorks [local yarn store, LYS] last night. Since they were open until 830 and I’d have the opportunity to go ~ Bob [hubby] would be home in plenty of time. And, I thought, I’d pick up yarn for a couple more shawls. If they go really fast, I’ll give them as gifts right away, if I run slower on them, they’ll be gifts for the holidays. I also figured I’d take my work, the pattern and ask for help there.

I showed them my LittleFee bjd doll – the one I’d named Darla – but changed to Agnes (a nostalgic name from childhood. I kept getting little whispers in my thoughts that this needed to be her name). They oohed and ahhed and told me I did a good job.. (btw, another customer came in at the end of my talk with “forgethername”, and she ooh’d and ahh’d over my doll and the dresses, lol).

I showed her the pattern, my work, etc. And she agreed with me that it didn’t make any sense. Now, in my favor, I don’t think she’d made shawls before, as I think if she had, she’d have caught my mistake right away. That said, I gave her misinformation and based on my misinformation, she wouldn’t have been able to figure it out. I was frustrated, disappointed, but at the same time, i still felt good. I wasn’t giving up the project. I wasn’t going to just “wrap it up” as it was.. I was determined to figure it out. Which really did feel good (but you can understand my frustration at what felt like deadends). I really needed someone to explain, exactly what was going on.. did I need to pick up stitches, bind off and then back on.. what?

Have you guessed my mistake? It’s so simple, and really, I knew it was. The whole pattern up til this point had been so simple. A quick pattern you could easily whip out in a weekend of dedicated knitting… so why was this last part causing me to hang up so much. And I knew once I knew the answer, it would be a “smack forehead” moment.

It truly was.

I had posted on the forum for the shawl, but since the replies there hadn’t helped me, I went to Fibers of Dayton (is that right?) and asked there too. One lady took the time to reply back and forth with me a few times, trying to figure out where this pattern was situated in my brain, and why I was seeing it so different than everyone else. While we went back and forth a few times throughout the day, I remembered I’d posted on the other forum – I must not have it set up to notify me via email, so it’s easy to forget, and I had to figure out my way back to my posts… anyway, I must have told them there what I was doing and that I didn’t want the border across the top, but along the bottom… and it clicked with them just what I was doing wrong.

Actually, nothing wrong. I was just thinking upside down. I thought since I was increasing with each row, that I was knitting bottom to top – like an upside down triangle, point to width. In actuality, it is worked top down. So the point or tip that I thought was so flat, was really the center of the top. And the border I needed to add really was to the bottom of the shawl, the part on my needles.

So flippin’ simple.

In my defense, this is only the second real project I’ve done.. and I only really started knitting a couple months ago. And the only real instruction I’ve had the whole way, was watching YouTube videos. So, I’m pretty proud of myself.

I will share pictures soon, of the shawl, almost ready to come off the needles, before and after blocking, and of Agnes too.

Legacy – by Cayla Kluver

Cayla Kluver is my newest favorite author. I had downloaded Legacy: AmazonEncore Edition, but only just got around to reading it. Ms. Kluver is another young author, having written the rough draft for Legacy when during her sophomore year in high school. She then combined her junior and senior years to graduate early.

Legacy is set in the times of Kings, Queens and castles, in the Kingdom of Hytanica; it’s a love story, a story of growing up and mystery. Alera is the eldest daughter and will become queen on her 18th birthday. But she must find a husband suitable to be king – and that is the hard part. Only one man fits the crown as far as Alera’s father, the current king, is concerned. And this man, Steldor, while in love with Alera, seems egotistical and rude in Alera’s opinion. It doesn’t help matters that Alera finds her heart falling for Cokyri raised Narian; a year younger, and questionable allegiance, he is an unsuitable match for Alera, so says the King.

A war, sixteen years earlier, between their kingdom and neighboring kingdom of Cokyri resulting in 49 infant sons being stolen from Hytanica… and 48 bodies being returned. The return of the bodies was the abrupt ending of the battle from Cokyri.

A new battle begins.

I am already anxiously awaiting Allegiance. Since I finished Legacy and wondered when Allegiance would be out, I looked Cayla Kluver up on google. Found her website Cayla Kluver Official – and from there followed the link to her blog. Check her out before the end of July – as she’s got a $40 gift certificate to give away from CSN stores. She’s got links her her blog, so check it out.

Bobobie / ResinSoul Mei BJD For Sale or Trade

Bobobie / ResinSoul Mei

I’m just going to laugh over this experience.  But I am just not “into” this size of a doll.  She’s lovely, so slender and dainty.  And I knew going in that posing would be limited.. I’m going to rehome her because I just want smaller dolls.  I had this vision, when first starting the journey into bjds, that I’d take a doll or a few with me when I went out to eat, or to the book store. I love taking pics of food and drinks when we go out to eat, or we’re just sitting around the table waiting, so I envisioned taking dolls with me and making them a part of things this way.  My boys enjoy the dolls too (very gentle though).

I thought before I ordered her that size might be an issue. I just didn’t realize I’d be so disappointed so quickly.

I’d like to sell her, or, even better, I’d be will to trade for a puki-puki or puki-fee – willing to discuss and price differences if interested in trades.

Anyway, pictures are at my flickr. I have the box and padded bag she arrived in.  She has been body blushed – only what you see in the pics and slightly enhanced face-up.  Eyelashes have been trimmed since the pics were taken.  I do have some 3.0 mm elastic on order and would be happy to include some for re-stringing her if you’d like. I also have glib acrylic eyes (in transit to me now) in aurora green sz 16mm and will include those.  She has been hot glue sueded and pipe cleaners are in each of her arms and legs (easy to remove though)

I’m asking $165 SOLD (US) which is just what she cost me, not including shipping (and my price is not including shipping).

I have made a few articles of clothing for her using patterns from gracefaerie – 2 dresses, a petticoat, and bloomers, which I’d consider selling with the doll and in addition to her cost (otherwise, I will keep).  She’s wearing a Leekeworld wig (Kosha $28.00 sz 6/7, Goldenrod) will sell for $25 with the doll (otherwise, I will keep).

Showtimes Weeds and Los Mono

Weeds, on Showtime Mondays at 10pm, is about a woman whose husband dies and she still has to pay the bills. Her and her two boys live in cookie cutter suburbia and she’s jobless. She makes ends meet by selling pot. It’s such a good show, the cast is awesome and it’s funny too.

But, since I’m a season behind because I never get the tv to myself, I’ve been buying each season on iTunes. So I am just now starting season 4. The first episode “Mother Thinks The Birds Are After Her” (and I suspect they are in some form or another, ha!) the usual theme song is of course, Little Boxes, originally sung by Malvina Reynolds, but sung by several different artists on the show is as always great! The ending song piqued my curiosity though, so of course, I googled.

The song is Se Puede by Los Mono. It’s got such a good beat it makes you want to grab a beer, or me, a few tequilas and lemons, and jump up and dance (and for me that says a lot since I’m not much of a dancer). I then found another song of theirs I like too called, Promesas – another great beat. And the youtube video for it is funny too — Love the dancing monkey man. See video at the end here..

I did find a translation of Promesas in both chilean and english and was impressed. The song isn’t just a hip-hop mess of words to rhyme with little meaning or story behind it. Rather than just reword what’s been said, here is a quote by Sonic360 regarding Los Mono and the album playing these two songs:
“Not only is Somos Los Que Estamos a full on high-energy blast from start to finish, the album is an adventure with a moral message; promoting creativity, originality, positivism, and self-responsibility. In fact, the conscious lyrics and upbeat vibe are the perfect compliment to an album that is driven from start to finish with a myriad of crunchy lo-fi beats n bleeps, infectious melodies and pure funk-fuelled inspiration.”

While I haven’t listened to the whole album, maybe it’s off, but I am definitely getting a few songs of Los Mono to listen too. I like the beat.

Here is Promesas in both chilean and english and the translation is in thanks to c.hilino.com – like it, let ’em know.. something off about it, let ’em know. Oh and seriously, don’t pass on the video:

Promesas by Los Mono
Album Somos Los Que Estamos

Las palabras son bastantes,
son bastante importantes
cuando hablo pienso antes
hay que hacerse responsable

Mula! Mula!

Decir una cosa una cosa por otra
Es como confuso es como pura boca
Una promesa rota palabras que rebotan
Una persona por delante y por detrás otra
Una promesa trucha, puras palabras mula
Porfa diga la verdad
Y no me prometa lo que nunca llegará

Una vez que se dice algo
Se hace, se cumple, no se pasa por alto
Una vez que se dice algo
Se hacen las promesas no se pasan por alto

Prometé una liebre por un gato
Lo que prometiste lo espero hace rato
Que pasó? Se olvidó? No cachó?
Cuando me lo dijo no ponia atención
Aaaaa q pena q pena q me da
Ya no estoy seguro cuando dices la verdad
Duda duda duda duda duda
Muchas dudas ahora me das

Una vez q se dice algo
Se hace, se cumple, no se pasa por alto
Una vez q se dice algo
Se hacen las promesas no se pasan por alto

Cuando digo algo y lo cumplo
Algo gano yo siento q triunfo
Pero cuando digo mucho me confundo, me siento
Como un gusano como un humano trucho antro

Puede ser, quizás, q yo te llamo
Te lo juro, demás, obvio q vamos
Sí sí sí, como si fuera tan fácil

Yo lo se, es difícil decir que no
Pero vale la pena
Entonces vamos a aprender
Como N con O es NO, N con O es NO
Si le pones un “gracias”, cuanto mejor
No gracias, señor
Yo esta vez pasó
Para qué le digo que sí sí no ,
Si te confundo a ti termino confundido yo

Una vez q se dice algo
Se hace, se cumple no se pasa por alto
Una vez q se dice algo
Se hacen las promesas no se pasan por alto

Una vez q se dice algo
Se hace, se cumple, no se pasa por alto
Una vez q se dice algo
Se hacen las promesas no se pasan por alto

– – – English translation (roughly)
Words are pretty,
pretty important
I think before I speak
You have to be responsible

La-hame. La-hame!

To say one thing, one thing for another
It’s confusing, it’s only your mouth
A broken promise, words that bounce back
One person on the front and another on the back
A false promise, only lame words
Please tell the truth
And don’t promise what will never come

Once you say something
You do it, you fulfill it, you don’t overlook it
Once you say something
You fulfill promises, you don’t overlook them

When i say something and i fulfill it
I get something, I feel like i win
But when i say too much i feel confused
I feel like a worm, like a bad human being

Maybe, perhaps, I’ll call you
I swear, sure, of course we’ll go
Yeah, yeah, yeah, like it was that easy

Once you say something
You do it, you fulfill it, you don’t overlook it
Once you say something
You fulfill promises, you don’t overlook them

Words are pretty,
pretty important
I think before I speak
You have to be responsible

I over-delivered on my promise
I’ve been waiting for a while for what you promised
What happened? You forgot? Didn’t understand?
When he told me I wasn’t paying attention
Aaah, man that sucks, that’s really too bad,
Now I’m not sure even when you’re telling the truth
Doubt doubt doubt doubt doubt
There’s a lotta doubt you’re delivering



And the video… makes you want to move… even in your seat.

The Coveted Amazon Kindle 2

For about a year, I coveted Amazon’s reading device called the Kindle. While there are other reading devices available, I liked the Kindle because you can be just about anywhere, browse Amazon’s books and download a new read in less than a minute.

For Christmas, my husband said, “Order it”. I did, knowing it had a 13 week back order date. I hoped by February or early March I’d have it in hand. Little did I know at the time, but the Kindle 2 was going to make it debut and I’d be getting one of those.

While the Kindle 2 doesn’t have a memory card slot, it provides plenty of on device storage. Amazon keeps a history of all the books you download from them, so you can delete items and re-download them any time.

If you don’t have a good connection, or you prefer, items may be transferred via usb. Yet another option if it is a small files email it to your kindle email address, which Amazon provides, for a small fee of 10 cents per email.

I’ve had my kindle since February 25th, 2009. In that time, I’ve read so much more than I would have had I not had it. It’s just so easy to use. I’ve found many books for free, and many others for just a few dollars. While I am not able to resell, or buy used like I did for paperbacks, it’s beneficial to me just because of how much I am reading. I have found new authors I never knew about and I just love. I’ve read many series I’d not known about.

When asked what the downside is the only one I can think is the lack of organization ability. There are no folders, no way to tag or use keywords. You can sort by book, by author and by date, or just to a different page. Using the Search feature is easy so finding your book isn’t hard. It keeps your most recently read books at the top of the first page, so keeping track of where you are isn’t hard. While the lack of organizing is definitely a downside, it’s absolutely not one to keep me from buying my kindle, or loving it now.

I have read many books, but decided to keep a list of the series I have been reading (My Reads). My list will make it easier to reference the authors I’m waiting on for new books. It has been fun though getting caught up on some series. I have been able to download the next book as soon as I finish one; reading a series one after another is great. I find myself always scanning and searching Amazon for new authors and series.

Who is your favorite author(s)? Do you have a favorite series? Do you read paper books or use a reading device?