Here we go, a classifieds specifically for moms – it’s a new online shop where you are able to purchase, sell, donate or even just give away your gently used baby, kid, pregnancy items…. and more, but read the site for all that.

It’s a super cute site which has just recently launched. I was bummed at first because there was no option for my city, or even close to my city. But I’ve spoke with Norah (who happened to be the nice lady who answered my email inquiry) and she assures me they are adding other big cities soon and eventually even some not quite so big, but not little either cities… So go ahead, and register ( I live in Ohio and chose New York as my city… why, I don’t know, but there I go). Norah assured me it should be easy to switch between cities so you can always check out what’s going on over here and there.

So, sell those gently used, but still awesomely cute baby clothes.. your most comfy maternity tops and jeans, and if you have a bag of t-shirts you plain just don’t want any more donate or give them away (please… please.. just get them out of my house! we all have some of that, don’t we?)

P.S. Register before February 13th, 2009 for a chance to win a Clek Olli Booster Seat – ooh, la, la!

Let me Stress – Make Back Ups!

My hosting company – whom I typically never have complaints about – was having some server issues yesterday (and about a month ago).

Apparently the issues were bad enough they moved all the sites on that server to a new server. About 9 or so last night, all my sites were up and looking good. I made a post about the down time, about the pumpkin carving kit giveaway and 20 minutes later, poof. Momma Muse was gone. Literally, everything was gone… well, my 350+ posts from the past 3 years, hundreds of comments.. all.. gone.

I called my host and to make a long story short, I was told I’d have to start over. They do backups, but don’t guarantee them. Great. I cannot tell you how hard I cried last night.

This morning, I found a back up as recent as July 18 of this summer… and a woman from the hosting company got it imported for me. In the end, I’ve only lost 2.5 months of posts. I wish I had all my posts emailed to me.. I could copy/paste them.. Oh well. I will be subscribing to my own email rss feed though, and scheduling regular backups.

I highly recommend you do regular backups. You don’t have to keep the older backups, just keep the last couple (in case of other issues). But really, back up your stuff, posts, database, whatever is important to you. It is NO fun to lose so much.

Thankfully, I have all the comments for the Pumpkin Carving Dremel tool kit and will take of that today. Unfortunately, the contest information is, well.. gone. I’ll be working on a new post today and taking care of comments and announcing the winner.

Entrecard Giveway

Generate New Traffic With Entrecard – New Member Contest

If you haven’t checked into Entrecard, now is the time to do it. Between March 15th and April 15th any new members will have the chance to win over 45,000 entrecard credits.

Sense to Save organized this awesome giveaway when, at about 3 months old, Entrecard reached and then surpassed it’s 5000th active member.

Entrecard is free, provides free advertising, has the potential to generate a lot of traffic (up to 350+ visitors a day), provides the opportunity to network with like-minded bloggers or to broaden your knowledge and interests with others outside your niche.

Explained simply, you upload a 125 x 125 banner to entrecard (or just create a simple one on their site) and this becomes your web 2.0 business card in which you visit other members and “drop” your card. For each card you drop (up to 300 a day), you get a credit. For each card dropped on you, you receive another credit. These credits are then used to purchase a daily ad on the blog(s) of your choice within the entrecard network.

How did this affect Momma Muse? Traffic has increased steadily over the past few years. Mostly my traffic generated from searches. Networking and building a community wasn’t something I really cared much to do. But I started seeing Entrecard ads and before long I really wondered what it was about. I joined and well.. I love entrecard. Entrecard gave Momma Muse a renewal, it bumped up the traffic – though some of it is “drop and run” and that’s fine with me! But within Entrecard, we are developing a recognition and branding of our sites, communicating through the forums and messaging.. friends are being made, comments are being left and the sense of community (for me) is becoming more important. So Entrecard brought MM traffic and Community. Two very important aspects for a blog and it’s blogger.

To quote the original contest details:
The Largest Entrecard Giveaway Ever

To help Entrecard’s community grow, we posted on the forums to rally everyone together and hold Entrecard’s largest community giveaway. The responses have been overwhelming – over 45,000 credits will be donated from 38 current members! Only new members will be eligible to win.

What would 44,000 credits mean to you? It would take nearly 144 days to build up this amount.

Here are the contest details:

* The giveaway will be held March 15 – April 15.
* Only new users that sign up with Entrecard during this promotional period will be eligible.
* Comment and mention your Entrecard username at any of the hosting blogs (listed below) on their contest post to receive a contest entry. You can comment one time on each hosting blog to receive one entry each comment.
* A 1st place prize of 34,000 credits will be given randomly to a new user.
* Smaller 2nd place prizes will be given within each Entrecard niche category.

Last, please note that Entrecard has a little something for everyone and will be worth your time. Even within the Official Entrecard Blog, users have differing perspectives about whether Entrecard is a place to gain visibility in the blogosphere or make new blogging friends . There is no right or wrong way to benefit from Entrecard.

Currently, there are 38 members participating by donating and hosting this, the “Largest Entrecard Giveaway“.

Santa’s Link Love

Not a lot of votes, but thanks to those who did. That was fun.

I’ve been nominated for Santa’s Blog of the Day! What a surprise for me! I can see it now, jolly ol’ man is kickin’ back, taking a break from the toys and hanging out in the blogosphere – doing what else, but blog hopping!

Go on… Go Vote for me.. it’s just one click away.! Please & Thank You!

I’ll share Santa’s recent link love.. the past few winners at Santa’s have been:
* DogzNCatz 3/4
* World United Bloggers 3/3
* Little Aussie Cynic 3/2
* Hounds Good: Chronicles of a Virtual Volunteer 3/1

Valentine’s Day – Q&A

Elaine is having a Mushy Entrecard Contest… I decided to post my answers here…

Valentine’s Day happens to be my anniversary and this year, 11 years.

1. Would you celebrate this coming Valentines or not?

We will celebrate, but because my husband works, it won’t be on Valentine’s day. We’ll do dinner over the weekend or something.

2. What do you like most about your partner?

I love that we tend to think very similarly, yet, still have our own opinions. He’s very supportive of me, and I of him.

3. What do you think does your partner like most about you?

See no.2… really.

4. How did you and your special someone meet?

We met through my now-ex-husband who happened to be his co-worker.

5. What’s the most romantic thing your partner ever did for you?

I wouldn’t call it romantic, because of the circumstances, but it was really.. when we were both experiencing a very heavy loss.. and my heart was just broken.. he sat in the bathroom with me and slowly, gently washed my hair..

6. If you are single, what do you miss most about being in a relationship?

I’m not single, and I’m happy not to be.. but I admit, there are crazy days that I think about it, ha!

7. And the final question, of course…. What is your definition of love? ;P

I’m not sure how to answer this one.  Enduring good and bad, the irksome and endearing… knowing you never want to be with anyone else… knowing your heart would hurt without..

Entrecard Credits Winner – Sharing the Wealth

Remember the contest I posted about for 500 entrecard credits? Well… got an email from belolats.com bright and early this morning telling me to go cash in my coupon!

Woo-hoo… 500 entrecard credits for me! Don’t forget – Zobel’s contest is a weekly thing.. so go read her contest requirements, join entrecard and have a go!

So.. now, I’m going to share.. I’ll give away 250 credits, 125 to two entrecard newbies… sign up, comment here and you just may get some ec luv…

Another Entrecard Contest – and another!

Wow… I join entrecard, find all the great blogs and even get to meet some new people too.

So, here’s a few things I’ve found (geez.. at this rate, I’m going to have to add something about entrecard to my category list!)..

First, I found (or rather, they found me) fawnzy.com – a forum specifically for entrecard… come join us for information and contests.

Then somewhere alone the clicking road, I came across a contest to win 1000 ec! Oh My! Read all about this awesome (and easy to participate) contest at 1000 Entrecard Credit Contest.

More ec contest to come, I’m sure!

Win Some Entrecard Credits!

Stumbled across a contest for entrecard credits… being new to entrecard, I could use them – the credits are used to “pay” for advertising on other entrecard sites. Fun & Easy Peasy…

So.. have you checked out entrecard.com yet? If not, do.. then check out this site giving away 500 entrecard credits every week (but, you don’t have to be an entrecard member either.. if you win, you could send the 500 credits to someone who is a member.. but, hey.. you oughta just join, right?)..

Read all about the contest here:

500 credits weekly
link love

Not only that.. but it’s a one time entry (the entry rolls over to future contests)… oh goody!

August Scratch-off Card Contest Contributors

The winner is Renee Sciara!

Momma Muse has some great work at home mom businesses hosting the August scratch-off card contest; Our second scratch-off ticket / card contest!

Scratch-off cards are good for promoting your business, as well as for fun. Use them for baby showers, wedding showers, birthday parties, the list is on-going and only limited to your imagination.

Terra, of EasyScratchOffs.com, is a great source for scratch-off stickers. She’ll even design and make the cards for you.

Delightful Scents – For handmade candles, tarts, wax-dipped animals, handmade soaps, lip balms and more!

Busy Buds Personalized Favors & Gifts – Specializing in personalized candy wrappers, tic-tac-toe tiles, scratch-offs, bottle cap gifts, mousepads, wedding coffee & tea pack favors and many more items. Custom design is also available at no additional cost.

bead’n babe offers stunning handcrafted Grandmothers, Mother’s, Children’s, Baby and other special occasion bracelets, that are custom made for you or that special someone on your shopping list!

Soaps and Potions – Natural handmade soaps bath and body.

Tarts by Hummingbird – Soy Wax Tarts – Extra strong wax tarts that last extra long.

Charmed Stores – Printed and Personalized materials for your home & business.

One of a Kind by Lexi – Personalized hand-painted greeting cards, address labels, business cards, graphic design & more!

The Scented Frog – Handmade lotion and body products, hand made jewelry, pain relief and more.

If you make scratch-off cards for your home business and would like to contribute to the contest(s) hosted on Momma Muse, please contact me for more information.

August Scratch-off Card Contest

The winner is Renee Sciara!

Promoting Work at Home Moms & Businesses

Momma Muse participating scratch-off contest contributors.

Hosting our second Scratch-off card contest and it’s FREE!

Scratch-off Cards Contest / Sweepstakes Guidelines

What’s the prize? A bunch of scratch-off lottery tickets from mom owned businesses across the ‘net! All scratch-off tickets are winners! There are NO “sorry, this isn’t a winning ticket” or “try again”. Not here!

Official Rules

– Must be 18 years old or older to participate.

– Limited to US/Canada.

– To enter, subscribe to the Momma Muse Newsletter.

– Contest runs through the end of August 2006. Ending on August 31th.

– A randomly chosen winner from our newsletter subscription list will be notified within 1 week of contest end via email.

– Winner must respond within 48 hours of notification or another winner will be chosen.

– If the 1st winner doesn’t respond, another will be chosen, up to 3 times. If each, in turn does not respond, the tickets will then carry over to the next contest.

– Full name and snail mail address will be required from winner to have the package mailed.

Winner’s name and contact information will be given to sponsoring businesses for follow-up purposes. Concerned? Consider visiting the scratch-off ticket providers’ websites to view their privacy policies.

– Acceptance of prize constitutes Winner’s permission for Momma Muse, and each scratch-off ticket provider, to use the Winner’s first name and last initial and/or any comments made by Winner on our website(s) or in newsletters and advertising.

– Remember: No purchase necessary to be eligible to win – just join the newsletter with a valid email address.


* Number of tickets dependent on number of sponsors.

Check out June 2006 Contest Contributors and visit their sites.

Momma Muse does not believe in spamming our newsletter subscribers. You will receive only a handful of newsletters per-month, at most. You may unsubscribe at any time. Your Privacy is important to us. Read our Privacy Policy for details.

Disclaimer: “Winner” or “Winning” in reference to the scratch-off tickets means that there are no “sorry, this isn’t a winning ticket”. The winning prize(s) is/are unknown to us (Judi & MommaMuse.com) and we are in no way held liable for any prizes claimed or unclaimed. This is strictly for fun, and used as a promotional tool for the work-at-home business we are promoting.

-:- -:- -:-

Find our contest listed at these contest sites:


Contest Alley

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Sandy's Realm Sweepstakes- FREE listing of Sweepstakes, Freebies & More!

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