Ella, the italian greyhound, got a bee sting

By far one of the costliest of all bee stings, since I didn’t know what had happened….

We’d been inside all day and time was approaching when my granddaughter would be coming over for a visit (while her mommy went to work).. The boys and I let the dogs out. I peeked outside to see if everyone was ok. Everyone seemed to be interested in doing their own business.

I headed to the restroom to brush my teeth and put my hair up – I’ll pass on baby hands uncontrollably grabbing fistfuls of hair … when I heard Ella-Roo come crying into the house.

She found me in the bathroom and started climbing up my leg, her que for me to pick her up – she’s a little thing, though not a small iggy, she loves me to hold her. She was crying and holding her leg up.

She was crying so much I couldn’t get her to stop… all the dogs were trying to kiss her and love on her and she was nippy… at one point she tucked her snout in between the couch cushions and while her muscles quivered, she cried into the couch. Pitiful.. broke my heart.

After 10 minutes of not being able to calm her, I put some ice on it (she didn’t like) and gave her 1/2 tablet of tramadol. It still took another 10-15 minutes before she quieted.

By this time her foot was swollen. I feared a break, it wasn’t until a little later I thought it may be a bee sting… but with their skinny legs I felt better safe than sorry.

I took her up to the vet, where she had to stay a couple hours, because they were so swamped and had to squeeze us in… and it was just likely a bee sting, no breaks thank goodness. A steriod, a dose of benadryl, a couple of xrays, and a bottle of take home dog pain medication (I like to keep it on hand for them) and $200 lighter… my girl is finally acting more normal, but still favoring her foot.

Ella the Italian Greyhound Comes Home Wednesday

I’ve been patiently waiting… seriously, very patient… I haven’t even told the boys we’re getting a new puppy.. waiting for 4 weeks.

The wait is over!

Ella Italian Greyhound

She’s such a cutie! But this picture is 4 weeks old and I’m sure she already looks different. I will surely post more pictures in the next evening or two.

For now.. I’m containing my excitement, took a pain pill and am off to bed. I’m so tired of hurting. bleh…

Enzo helping with Laundry

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I was loading some pictures to a local-to-me pet group (937pets.com, if you happen to be in the area).. and I was going through my flickr account looking for a few cute pics of the furry kids.

I came across this one of Enzo (italian greyhound @ 6 mos old)… he’s in his red long-john pjs, helping me with laundry. Of course.. he’s the one that pees on it.. and then I wash it..

He’s been the hardest pup to housetrain.. but he is getting better. I knew going into our “relationship” that IG’s were typically hard to house train. Really, I don’t think he’s as bad as I thought he’d be. He learned the potty box (indoor) pretty quick, but he still piddles on clothes on the floor (I need to work on training US to not leave things lying on the floor) and he’ll sneak and pee on the blankets – rotten.. so we have to keep bedroom doors shut… We’re learning real well.. lol.

But aside from that.. he’s just the cutest pooch. He’s my little love.

Rat Runt (babies)

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Sunday morning, Em came rushing in to my room and started shaking my foot.. wake up! come quick! I was soooo tired, having slept so poorly the night before.. Why? I asked…

There’s babies!

Just the night before we had something get into a bag of trash that was on our back porch.. so my first thought is babies.. raccoon babies? on our porch? what in the world!? I woke up enough to ask what *kind* of babies…

Rat babies! Otis (momma) and Geraldo had babies!

5 plump little rattlets.. er.. pups.. er kittens.. or well, babies.

Quickly had to separate the momma and babies from the daddy.. and now Em will need to get another sizeable cage to be able to home females in one and males in another.. In about 3 weeks, we’ll have to separate the sexes with the babies.. so early!

Rats, btw, make the sweetest of little critter pets. My kids ask for a hamster, I say “get a rat”.. how about a guinea pig.. “get a rat”… a chinchilla? .. “get a rat”… (though I did not win that argument when it came to Olivia Hedgehog.
Baby Rats aka Pups or Kittens

Olivia Hedgehog – self-anointing

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I’ve been making soap and my hands smell nice and yummy… Olivia came out to play and had fun licking my hand.

One of the funny things hedgehogs do is a sort of contorting and twisting, foaming at the mouth and licking their quills.. called “self-anointing”.

This is usually triggered by a new, unusual smell in their home or on their handler.

Olivia must have liked the yuzu scent on my hands… Oh.. take note of her dirty little piggies… how she manages to get that dirty, that quickly boggles my mind.. but it’s definitely time for a bath!

Enzo and Crohn’s Disease

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I was just going to introduce Enzo our newest addition to the family (as of October).. he’s a 6th month old italian greyhound… he’s my little love, my little snuggler.. he’s a thief.. full of energy and orneriness.. loving, caring… and he’s best known around the house as the “pooping machine”.. ( (you see.. iggy’s are notoriously difficult to house train.. adding insult to injury, Enzo cannot eat anything other than dog food (and don’t even think about switching up the dog food!), otherwise, his poor system gets all out of whack and we end up with 20 piles of nasty poopies in about 6 hours time – that’s TOO much! – oh.. sorry.. did I share too much?… it’s gets better..) )

Just as I was about to share Enzo (altho if you are a semi-frequent visitor here, you have probably seen his picture in my flickr bar).. I started to get sick (as in toss my dinner)… Now.. my whine.. I was diagnosed with crohn’s disease about May 2006.. but I started getting very sick around January of that same year.. so sick, I was losing weight (20 pounds – know me in person? I can’t afford that!), in so much pain.. but without insurance, it’s hard to get much done.

Thanks to my mom, I got the main test done to confirm that yes, I really have crohn’s disease (and apparently it was pretty bad – according to the dr, as if I didn’t know that, lol).. so now I’m on meds (that cost a fortune!).. but over the holidays I switched (per dr) to a different med, one that is much cheaper.. within just a few short weeks I was feeling like I did last January.. so much pain.. and now it’s taking time to get back to where I was around Thanksgiving time…

My whine tonight was feeling sorry for myself.. I hate feeling so sick.. I hate this pain.. but I’m not going to whine.. I’m ok. I haven’t shared much about the crohn’s in the past year.. I don’t know why. I will, I should, I guess?

Aussie & Whippet Life – Dog So Smart

Sky dog… whose name change of “missy” did not take (we decided she does know her name, but like the whippet, has selective hearing – or rather, selectively comes when she feels like it)… has blended into our family nicely… a few bumps along the way, but overall, it’s been a piece of cake.

Sky is a protective dog and has claimed us, and the house, as “hers”. Not only is she protective, she’s also possessive, namely, it seems, of me… when Bean comes close, Sky hops up (quickly!) and slides right under my feet or chair (tag – I’ve been claimed). The first few times, this came along with a low growl… a few times of telling her that wasn’t OK and it seems to have done the trick, as I haven’t heard any growling towards Bean at all. Of course, it probably helped the other day when Bean snapped at her as if to say “look, I didn’t ask for you to get in my face, step back”… Sky listened.

Whippet Bean and Maggie Cat have taken Sky in stride… a little timid at first, tolerant of Sky’s possessiveness… and a little hissing and spitting from the Cat… all is good. While each party wouldn’t yet claim the other as a ‘friend’, I’d say we’re on our way.

As an aside, take a gander at Dog-So-Smart for dog breed information, adoption, rescue, and just being dog owners in general.

Miss Sky – Australian Shepherd

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Meet Missy Sky, the newest addition to our family.

Bob and the boys went to one of the local Humane Society to meet a few dogs. We were looking for herding-type dogs.. German Shepherd, Border Collie, Australian Shepherd.. one that was young, but not a puppy.

Missy Sky (her name is Sky, but I’m not convinced she really knows it very well, so I’m taking to call her Missy) caught Bob’s attention yesterday. But she was in the process of being adopted. She struck a cord with Bob, because he mentioned her to several people over the course of the evening and the next morning.

I sent them back to the HS to visit a couple specific dogs.. when he and the boys got there, Bob heard someone mention Sky. As it turns out, the adoptive “parents” called the HS this morning to cancel their adoption.

Within a couple of hours, Bob and the boys were at Old Roberds showing me the new addition.

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Missy is a very shy girl, about 4 years old – very timid around people until she gets a few minutes to know you, though she takes to kids with no hesitation. Her and Whippet Bean greeted each other fairly well, but it’s going to take a little time for them to both be comfortable each other. Right now, Bean is a little timid around her, and she does some low, but soft throat noises. I’m hesitant to call them growls, as it isn’t really menacing..

Missy had a busy evening in her new backyard. She gave Bean a run for her money – Bean is fast, but has not been exposed to a herding dog who anticipates the tight turns and so there never was a large gab between the two. Bean didn’t last too long (whippets don’t have a long endurance, as Grey Hounds, but a rather short burst of speed).

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The boys got their motorcycle and quad-runner out (12 volt) and I laughed till I had tears as Missy chased them and bit at the tires and fenders.

Bed time rolled around later than usual and I patted the boys bed to show Missy where she was sleeping.. she hopped right up there and got comfortable.

She’s currently sleeping under the table, where I’m working… Tomorrow we’ll do a visit to the pet store for a couple toys, and a new brush.. and later get a good bath.. Bean too.. they both smell like (imagine!) dogs. 🙂

See more pictures of Missy Sky, and our other 4 legged friends.

A dumbo rat and a rex rat

Em two months ago started working on talking me (and Bob) into getting a rat. After a month, we worked up some “terms” to our agreement, and Em brought home her Dumbo rat, Otis, Labor Day weekend – she was about 3 months old. We thought Otis was a male…. but it turns out she’s really female. note: dumbo refers to the ears – they are larger and more on the side of the head, rather than more upright.

Because I love animals too, I started doing my own reading on rats, joined some rat groups and am learning more myself. One of the biggest things I was reading was how social rats are and they prefer living in communities of 2 or more.

It wasn’t hard to talk Bob into another rat, when it’s for the health of both of them. So last week, Em brought home a new cage (because we really felt the 20 gal aquarium was too small for one, let alone two)… and Pumpkin May a.k.a. FuzzButt. FuzzButt got her name from me, because she’s just a fuzzy little thing. We guess she was about 5-6 weeks old when we brought her home. Em said she thinks she’s a Rex and after looking at many pics, I’d agree. note: rex refers to a curly coat… and based on my own reading, I think a blue berkshire, which means solid color (in this case, a slate-blue color) with white belly, paws and tail tip.

After a 5 day quarrantine, Em introduced the two girlies. We fixed the cage, since it’s tall, we were able to put in a couple shelves and I made (quickly and terribly) a fleece hammock to hang. Both girls are now housed in the cage, and the aquarium has become a dig tank. Rats love to dig and tunnel. Em tore up several (and then several more) peices of paper towel and filled the aquarium about 1/3 of the way.. a peice of cage flooring works as a ladder. The girls are able to climb up and out of their cage-home and directly into the dig tank.

They are just too cute!