Random Facts About Me

Reward Rebel tagged me for Random Facts about me. I didn’t realize until this morning that Connie from Easy Share also tagged me for the same thing! I was double tagged. Wow! I’m terrible with doing these things in a timely manner.. but I think I’m only a week or so late on this one.

1. I gave birth to our oldest son in a kiddie pool, in our living room with just my husband, my mom and the girls here with us – a planned, unassisted homebirth. We video taped the whole thing. We did end up transferring to the hospital after the birth because Tege was slow to start breathing – that is normal for a water birthed baby.

2. The year before our oldest son was born, I was pregnant with my husbands first baby. At 36 weeks pregnant, she died of unknown cause – she was stillborn almost a week later. I can’t even tell you how difficult that time was – I didn’t want to leave my house, even to get the mail for fear someone would ask how things where. Losing a child, at any age is horrible… birth stories … while we don’t talk about it much any more, she is still part of our family. We have a garden dedicated to Jordan.. which this year, the boys will help plant, weed and water.

3. I make soap, though I do sell it, mostly I make it because I love making it. I haven’t used regular store bought soap (or deodorant bars) in about 6 years. I share tutorials and recipes about handmade soap on this site. My favorites are the Oatmeal Milk & Honey (scented, with real goat milk and oatmeal), Lavender (with goat milk, lavender and lavender essential oils), and Yuzu (a crisp, grapefruit scent – Japanese Grapefruit).

4. I love pets. Currently, living in our tiny house we have 3 dogs (Bean, our whippet girlie and oldest; Sky, our adopted Australian Shepherd; Enzo, my italian greyhound boy); I’ve assumed ownership of Olivia, my tiny, sweet Apricot African Pygmy Hedgehog – my little piggy; Not mine – 7 adorable and friendly rats, momma rat is a “dumbo” and the older she gets the sweeter! Oh.. and the cat.. she’s been with us forever; and a 10 gallon fish tank. In the past, I also had a couple of smiling leopard geckos, bunnies, a bird (mustache parakeet) and a multitude of other rats, cats, pooches and fishes.

5. I met my husband through my ex-husband – we were still married. Bad relationship and after too many years (but two lovely girls) we parted ways and he moved in with a friend from work. I had met this friend a few times, but when they moved in together, I started seeing him a bit more. He asked me to see Lyle Lovett in concert and even got permission from my then-to-be ex… one thing led to another and today, we’ve been happily (almost the whole time, ha!) married 11 years.

6. I have Crohn’s Disease. This is a big deal for me because I’ve always been so healthy.. and in the last 2 years, so much has happened. It’s not easy to deal with things like not being able to eat what you want – I’m talking even healthy food, like salad, beans.. so much makes me hurt, or worse, I throw up. Sometimes one of the hardest things being sick, is it’s not always (usually never) apparent to other people. I am sick and I hurt and I may come across crabby.. but it’s *because* I’m sick and I hurt. I sometimes wish for a t-shirt or a sign “Just because I look healthy, doesn’t mean I am”.

7. I can be kind of obsessive about things. Two summers ago, I spent a week digging a hole about 5×7 and 30 inches deep so I could put in a pond. I wanted a natural pond, so it would help wildlife.. after digging with a shovel, having my husband cut the roots with his saws-all, picking just under 1 million rocks and pebbles, I decided I couldn’t afford it and filled the whole thing back in. (Thanks GG, my lovely grandma, for this trait… actually I like the trait and I adore my GG.)

There you go.

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What’s Up, Some Comments and Link Love

I have been slightly out of commission the past week and a half. Mostly due to health – Crohn’s Disease commonly causes depression, so between feeling pretty crummy and dealing with a lack of energy, I was barely doing anything internet related.

My husband is on his “required” 30 leave from work, so I’m happy to have him home, to say the least! And Easter was fun, though pretty cold… I saw where others woke up to snow – egads.. I’ll pass on the winter weather – I’m so ready to start seeing an increase in temperature.

I’ve been making some rounds this morning and trying to post some comments, but blogger seems to be having issues with their comments..

To Entrecard Favorites – thanks for all the link love! And for the raffle win. I received your credits the other day and couldn’t figure out just why, ha! Now I see. Great idea and again, much thanks. πŸ™‚

Barrs By The Bay used (in part) my crockpot soap tutorial to make a batch of hydrangea scented soap in her crockpot. I don’t think it matters what soap making method you use, it’s fun to make!

Ok.. so.. I’m back and I have more to post… but work calls.

Saturday Entrecard Link Love

More Saturday link love for my entrecard advertisers. If you are a blogger and haven’t joined entrecard yet… check it out. πŸ™‚ Spread the word about your blog, meet other bloggers and have fun.

This weeks advertisers March 9 – March 15:

Sunday – Holy Cuteness – this drop master has some cute and funny pet pics. You can even email HC to let them know about other cute pictures.

Monday – Urutora No Hi – All about Japan.. I know this post was over a week ago, but I love the monkeys bathing in the hot springs.

Tuesday – Angelika – Angelika, my apologies, but I can not get your site to load for me tonight. No fun! Sorry!

Wednesday – DietMe! – One of my favorite things about DietMe is this Australian woman gives us the goods on one specific item at a time. Most recently she talks about the goodness of tuna – and even admits to eating it out of the can at times.. mmmyummm!

Thursday – Nocturnal BloggerÒ€ℒs Introspect – Nocturnal must have been losing sleep from trying to get her page to load faster. πŸ™‚ Works for me.. Now I am taking a look at my site to see what slows it down!

Friday – Jeans Women – With Spring right around the corner, it’s time to get those feet and toesies ready for sandals!

Saturday – Jenn Cooks – Jenn always has yummmy recipes, but the best part is all the pictures she takes along the way. Recently she shared Peanut Butter Fingers … oh my! and to top it off, a creamy blend of chocolate and peanut butter glaze.

Saturday Entrecard Link Love

I’d like to thank these fellow entrecarders for using their hard earned entre-credits to advertise on my site for the week of March 2 – March 8th..

Sunday – Paws Awhile – I’m such a dog lover – this site is for INDog rescue and rehabilitation. Currently running a contest until March 29th.. check the site for details.

Monday – That Grrl – Laura’s blog is fun to read.. she’s very real.. enjoyed her Thursday 13 this week and reminder to make sure you have strong passwords for your accounts.. she posted about that as well.

Tuesday – so you wannabee a Domestik Goddess? – this domestik goddess (irl Rebecca) is worth visiting (read her profile, it’s worth it) lives with therapy dogs (a greyhound even… a sighthound, how could I not love this goddess, just for that?) is a freelance write, decorator and doesn’t mind some dirt on the floor.. she’s also on the last bit of her pregnancy.. πŸ™‚

Wednesday – Kater-Bug Cakes – some cute cakes – the cat in the hat and the lady bug cupcakes are too cute .. but I *love* the mickey hat cake.. and the easter basket cake – wow!!

Thursday – Biyahilo Tourist Attractions – beautiful sights to see on this blog – lovely pictures.. makes me ready for a vacation!

Friday – Cromely’s World – as I was skimming through Cromely’s posts.. I came to one in which he’d packed for a week away from home.. and forgotten slacks.. he of course went to what he refers to as his personal storage facility – my favorite store Target and saved the week. (psst.. Cromely.. I think you should change your blogger profile answer… πŸ˜‰ )

Saturday – Fitness Life Club – Get fit with Pat King.. seriously.. there is so much information on this site..

Thank you all..

And for those who still don’t know about entrecard.. it’s like a social / blog advertising site. You create a 125×125 image to represent your site (referred to as your “card”, think business card, or social card).. you “drop” your card (think hand out, if it was real life) on other sites.. for each card you drop, you get a credit.. each site you drop on, they get a credit.. credits build up and you use those credits to “buy” advertising space on each others sites… it’s really simple, fun, and you get to know other bloggers, by site and by card.

If you join, look me up – Momma Muse.. and drop me a card – I always reciprocate drops. πŸ™‚

I love you this much!

Dunn, from SimplyDunn.net loves me. πŸ™‚ Awww.. She knows how much I love visiting her sites.

Love you this much!

Links to SimplyDunn’s post.. from there you can follow the original.

We have a saying around here… “Do you know how much I love you? I love you more than there are fishies in he sea.” Or “More than there are stars in the sky.”… then we get silly… “more than you have boogers in your nose” (I have boys.. they love it, naturally… )

Thank you so much, Dunn.

Who do I love? Barbara, Jenny, Valerie (Love her Four Foods on Friday meme!)

Santa’s Link Love

Not a lot of votes, but thanks to those who did. That was fun.

I’ve been nominated for Santa’s Blog of the Day! What a surprise for me! I can see it now, jolly ol’ man is kickin’ back, taking a break from the toys and hanging out in the blogosphere – doing what else, but blog hopping!

Go on… Go Vote for me.. it’s just one click away.! Please & Thank You!

I’ll share Santa’s recent link love.. the past few winners at Santa’s have been:
* DogzNCatz 3/4
* World United Bloggers 3/3
* Little Aussie Cynic 3/2
* Hounds Good: Chronicles of a Virtual Volunteer 3/1

Saturday Entrecard Link Love

Sharing some appreciation to the following advertisers on Momma Muse, through Entrecard (still don’t know what entrecard is? Go check it out… if you blog, it’s a must do! Free advertising, meeting other bloggers, great time.).

Sunday Maria Finds found a spot on the entrecard widget… Maria claims she’s quirky, funny, bitchy and a spacecake (must be why I like reading her blog, huh?).. she’s also having a contest for some free add space in celebration of her blogs 1 year anniversary.

Monday the lovely Blissful Weddings was here. Sharing lovely wedding related photos and info for brides and grooms. Planning a wedding, check this site.

Comments are Open has the ad with the well-trained pooch balancing a laptop on his nose (that’s one talented dog! πŸ˜‰ )

Heaven Graphics Blog shares some of the cutest graphics – for both on the computer and off. Personalized banners, favicons.. cuteness!

Thursday Whatever Mama got some adspace. Christina is newly pregnant (congrats!) and has designed some really nice entrecard cards for herself and other ec’ers. In need of a card, check her out.

My Absent Mind – Jolene, a mom dealing with the typical mom stuff says she’s stay at home insanity at it’s finest… she also has 2 boys who love to bicker (I hear it, too!) and love each other to bits (hey.. reminds me of my boys!).. it’s no wonder there’s insanity there.

Wrapping up the week with MM, I was happy to have Jenn Cooks advertise here.. she likes to cook and take pictures of her meals (Hey! me too!).. I love to visit her site… yummmy! Keep an eye there too.. she just gave away a $20 gift certificate to Pampered Chef – whoo boy, fun!!

Thanks to all my advertisers for using their entre-credits to advertise on my site. πŸ™‚

Entrecarders – Thank You

I’ve been meaning to start thanking fellow entrecarders for choosing Momma Muse to feature their site.. My apologies for not starting sooner. Unfortunately, I do not have a list of past featured sites… I am starting today…

First thanks goes to Paws Awhile – a great site about dog rescue. If you are dog lover this is a site to check out.

Friday’s featured site is Parenting Squad – Tips, hacks, and news for parents and their families.

Saturday’s thanks goes to Writing Forward – a great resource for the writing in you! Melissa says “Be a Writer and Shine!”

I’d also like to thank my top entrecard droppers…

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