Juicing Detox – Going Healthy

A few years ago, I was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease. I have never been so sick, in so much pain, for so long. All I wanted was the doctors to make it not hurt. And I wanted to crawl into my little cave and hide from my own body and everything else.

Not long after, my sister was diagnosed with Colitis. She took a much different approach. Instead of using medications, she got back on the healthy track and did much better than I, much quicker.

It’s taken me a long time, but I’m finally following behind her.

For the past year, I’ve wanted an Elliptical Trainer. Got it.
Also on our list was a Breville Juice Fountain Plus. Got it.

Tonight, I had my ‘farewell’ meal – one of our favorite restaurants is closing (it’s been around local since 1963).. and it felt very appropriate that it be my last off-track meal before starting a 3 day plus Juice Detox.

I say 3 day plus because I don’t feel one day is enough, but I don’t want to take on more than I can handle and get discouraged.  So, I’ll do 3 days.. and if I’ve had enough, I’ll stop.. if not, I’ll keep going.

The boys and I tried out the juicer yesterday.  It’s so funny how different real juice tastes compared to what you get at the grocery.  It’s so much better!

I’ll update here periodically, but you can also like us (my oldest daughter and me) on Toward Healthy (it’s sooo brand new I don’t even have a banner image up, so check back as I get things accomplished).

Recommended Documentaries to motivate:
Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead – Free if you have Amazon Prime
Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead – on Netflix Instant
It’s also on Hulu.

Hungry for Change – Rental fee on Amazon
Hungry for Change – Netflix (free)